Key challenges we solve

  • Handle complex pricing and invoicing
  • Manage global equipment fleet
  • Optimize equipment utilization

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checkmark Maximize asset utilization
checkmark Execute timely maintenance
checkmark Cut down operational costs
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The STAEDEAN equipment rental solution seamlessly adapts to any industry or business model, easily addressing your unique business requirements. Experience accelerated growth with a versatile solution offering robust features to manage your industry-specific rental operations and ensure secure and organized data. 

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    Fleet Management

    Fleet Management

    Effortlessly manage your global rental fleet, meet regulatory compliance, maximize utilization, track ownership, and cut costs.

    Key challenges we solve:

    • Regulatory and safety compliance
    •  Equipment rental downtime
    • Misallocating cost and revenue

    Asset Management

    Asset Management

    Optimize asset utilization and reduce ownership costs by tracking locations, maintenance, availability, and contracts efficiently.

    Key challenges we solve:

    • Underutilized rental assets
    • Missed reservations and bookings
    • Inefficient lifecycle management

    Complex Pricing & Invoicing

    Complex Pricing & Invoicing

    Simplify pricing, offer competitive rates, automate billing, manage multiple revenue streams, and cruise ahead of the competition.

    Key challenges we solve:

    • Delays in generating quotes 
    • Inability to handle flexible pricing
    • Low revenue and cash flow

    Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Gain complete supply chain visibility to boost equipment use, deliver timely, speed up order fulfillment, and strengthen logistics.

    Key challenges we solve:

    • Frequent material stockouts
    • Excess holding costs
    • Lags in delivery and return

    Service & Maintenance

    Service & Maintenance

    Maximize the uptime of your equipment by executing on-site or off-site maintenance and service in a timely and efficient manner.

    Key challenges we solve:

    • Increased downtime
    • Equipment safety risks
    • High maintenance expenses

    Planning & Dispatching

    Planning & Dispatching

    Streamline planning by scheduling and monitoring regional and global resources and equipment across rental contracts and projects.

    Key challenges we solve:

    • Increased idle time
    • High operational costs
    • Mismanaged inventory

    Inventory Management

    Inventory Management

    Easily manage serialized and bulk rental inventory to optimally source, store, track, schedule, maintain, and reuse your equipment.

    Key challenges we solve:

    • Inaccurate planning
    • Poor resource management
    • Inability to track equipment



    Simplify finance management, enhance decision-making, cut costs, and ensure regulatory compliance with total visibility into assets.

    Key challenges we solve:

    • Long collection cycle
    • Managing accounts payable
    • Fixed asset management

    • Enhance project management with maximized planning efficiency, complete project visibility, controlled costs, and improved interdepartmental collaboration. 
    • Migrate data and configure unlimited integrations between third-party systems and Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM with a no-code, point-and-click method. 
    • Simplify data modeling, cleaning, preparation, transformation, and extraction to derive meaningful, data-driven insights to strengthen business strategy. 
    • Accelerate time to value with pre-configured and documented procedures using standard templates to speed up implementation and reduce costs. 

    Industries we serve


    Forecast, monitor, and manage the entire crane rental lifecycle to maximize fleet utilization, streamline scheduling equipment with personnel, and ensure safety compliance.

    Oil and Gas

    Simplify logistics, resource ownership, and revenue management by handling asset reliability, complex contracts, and equipment effectiveness using the ERP Rental Software.

    Heavy Equipment and Construction

    Streamline services and manage progress invoicing, complex projects, work breakdown structures, cost allocation, global fleet with IoT devices, equipment maintenance, and utilization.

    High Tech and Medical

    Strengthen revenue streams, supply chain, product traceability, regulatory compliance, and data management by automating processes and adopting comprehensive pricing models.

    Truck and Trailer

    Elevate fleet management and logistics efficiency by ensuring low idle time, route optimization, regulatory compliance, and maintenance scheduling in the Equipment Rental Software.

    Explore our Equipment Rental Software Packages

    Project Driven

    Rent and manage dynamic combinations of equipment, consumables, and services for complex global projects with unified, end-to-end visibility.

    Sales Driven

    Effortlessly manage dynamic revenue streams by renting and selling standard equipment, consumables, and components tailored to your customer's needs.

    Service Driven

    Efficiently generate multiple revenue channels by managing standard rental and sales and servicing own and third-party equipment for global customers.

    Manufacturing Driven

    Grow revenue by managing rental, sales, production, and assembly of a dynamic portfolio, shorten product lifecycle, and control product versions.

    Optimize each stage in the equipment rental value chain

    Rental Ready

    Manage lead-to-cash, competitive pricing, and complex contracts

    Stay ahead by monitoring converting quotes and adapting offerings to gain a competitive advantage. Manage agreements and conduct equipment availability checks to fulfill customer rental orders promptly.

    Efficiently handle customer contracts, ensuring equipment readiness through calibration, dismantling, packing, and attachment, guaranteeing timely dispatch.


    Maximize efficiency of equipment operations

    When your equipment is on rent, it is crucial to employ cutting-edge technology such as IoT for real-time monitoring of usage and BI for comprehensive financial tracking.

    Rental revenue depends on duration, rates, demand, and equipment value. Stay on top of your income and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) to optimize performance during each rental cycle. Additionally, you can support equipment installation and maintenance during the rental period and flexibly adjust the contract duration or equipment choices based on mutual agreements with customers.


    Transfer equipment to the depot and optimize readiness

    Effortlessly manage equipment pick-up, inspection, and relocation. Define key metrics for assessing equipment performance during the rental period.

    Streamline equipment preparation for future rentals, prioritizing safety, which includes mass returns, inspections, billing, and credits. Utilize inspection checklists to assess equipment condition and invoice accordingly.


    Workshop and Maintenance

    Minimize asset downtime and maintenance expenses

    Monitor breakdowns and service needs while gauging overall equipment effectiveness and maintenance expenses. Assess comprehensive insurance and warranty information for all assets, ensuring complete coverage.

    Leverage an AI-enabled mobile field service app built on Microsoft Power Platform to reduce the field staff's workload and offer remote access to data for prompt repairs. Uphold peak performance standards by meticulously recording equipment quality and safety checks to execute timely maintenance jobs, including preventive, corrective, and emergency servicing.

    Operational Fleet

    Manage end-to-end rental operations

    Maintain top-notch quality standards for your rental and transport fleet, guaranteeing safety through regular inspections. Ensure availability across key depots or regions globally and optimize their movement to swiftly and effectively meet customer demands.

    The success rate in this stage depends upon equipment performance throughout the other stages and directly impacts your rental business's cost, efficiency, and overall operational success.



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