Key challenges we solve

  • Exceeding project budgets and timelines
  • Inefficient resource management
  • Siloed data and processes

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checkmark Improve revenue and cash flow
checkmark Simplify project management
checkmark Control costs and data quality
checkmark Ease product changes and releases
checkmark Gain lead-to-cash visibility


Project Control Suite

Project Control Suite

Simplify complex projects and maintain workflows with the no-code Project Control Suite in Dynamics 365 F&SCM. Achieve project visibility, control costs, automate invoices, forecast budgets, and streamline resource management to maximize efficiency. 

Key challenges we solve 

  • Incomplete project view 
  • Inability to manage costs 
  • Inefficient material resource management 

PLM Integration for Dynamics 365

PLM Integration for Dynamics 365

Accelerate your product lifecycle with preconfigured PLM Integration for Dynamics 365, enabling version control, automated BOM transfer, and seamless product releases. Ensure timely delivery and efficient collaboration with rapid, no-code integration. 

Key challenges we solve 

  • Manual data import process 
  • Delays due to low visibility 
  • Poor product version management  


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