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Project Management

Project-based companies like construction and heavy equipment manufacturing must deal with many parts, multiple departments, and interdependencies, increasing complexities. Without a proper project management solution, you, as a manufacturer, can quickly lose track of budgets and timelines, causing delays. 

Our Dynamics 365 Project Management Software, Project Control Suite, enables you to deliver high-quality projects on time and keep costs low to stay competitive. It enhances project management performance with improved interdepartmental collaboration and complete visibility across multiple projects. 

Key Challenges

Incomplete project view
Complex projects demand meticulous planning and organization. Without a project management solution, critical information such as processes, teams, roles, budgets, and timelines become scattered, causing delays and process gaps.
Inability to manage costs
Balancing production costs and quality is tough due to fluctuations in raw material and labor expenses, which can affect profit margins. You may struggle to bill accurately at certain project stages, impacting the bottom line.
Inefficient resource management
Poor resource planning causes shortages, overuse, or underuse, hindering project progress. Without visibility into resource availability, project managers may struggle to balance project needs, resulting in missed deadlines. 

Embedded resource planning

Handle project planning, scheduling, and associated operational activities quickly and efficiently using embedded tools in our Project Control Suite. Manage project interdependencies to ensure efficient management of processes, project initiation, revenue recognition, billing, and collections. 

Project progress billing

Manage invoicing for long-duration, costly projects with progress billing based on the completion of predefined project milestones or stages. Reduce risks with direct insights into live, up-to-date totals, retentions, and amounts to bill for each level of the work breakdown structure (WBS). 

Budget and cost management

Manage budgets with cost breakdown structures (CBS) and track expenditures and project progress with multi-level work breakdown structures (WBS). Register and manage timesheets, materials, equipment, and fees in the Dynamics 365 Project Management Software. 
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Control costs
Track and monitor project costs and budget performance with the Dynamics 365 Project Management Software to control expenses, minimize cost overruns, and avoid stockouts. 
Enhance project visibility
Remove data silos with a unified and comprehensive view of all projects, sub-projects, resources, inventory, and costs, enabling better workflows and decision-making. 
Forecast budgets
Accurately anticipate project budgets, avoid overruns, and manage scope changes by monitoring project costs within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Management Software. 
Maximize planning efficiency
Gain real-time insights into project planning, resource capacity, and resource allocation to understand the current status, prioritize tasks, and meet project deadlines. 
Win more projects
Increase your quote conversion rate by ensuring appropriate margins with project-specific pricing and estimating functionality in the Dynamics 365 Project Management Software. 
Improve collaboration
Eliminate redundant manual tasks with a centralized platform for team members to plan, communicate, share documents, and coordinate tasks in real time. 

Explore our Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Solution

Project Control Suite is a cutting-edge component of our Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Solution embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Learn more about how you can simplify complex projects and manage your project lifecycle.


Cost Codes

Cost Codes

Define activity-based costing or cost codes to manage costs and time effectively and identify profit centers, which is fundamental for business growth. 

Integrated Project Planning

Integrated Project Planning

Plan and execute all phases of your projects in one location and combine task planning with MRP (Material Resource Planning) to consider all the materials to plan. 

Quotation Margin Control

Quotation Margin Control

Ensure accurate margin management at any level of the WBS across all categories of work with centralized data management and visibility into quotation statement forms. 

Subcontract Management

Subcontract Management

Use the sub-contracting capability to manage partners and handle subcontracted workers through the WBS, from the bid through execution and close-out, and bill them based on the progress. 

Project Change Management 

Project Change Management 

Manage project changes seamlessly using capabilities such as project change orders and forecasts with our Dynamics 365 Project Management Software. 

Frequently asked questions

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Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 a pre-requisite for Project Control Suite? 

Yes. Project Control Suite is a software solution embedded in the Microsoft D365 F&SCM platform, providing a seamless user experience. It leverages all the standard capabilities with added project management capabilities. Once you've chosen D365 F&SCM ERP, you can easily implement Project Control Suite, as it requires no extra integration effort. Consult with your implementation partner and STAEDEAN to learn about the best implementation practices. 

Can I configure the solution based on my business requirements?

Project Control Suite is intuitive and highly adaptable, allowing for configuration tailored to your business requirements and easing user experience. You can leverage a single system to improve efficiency, facilitate the timely delivery of complex projects, manage inventory, and maintain strict budget control. 

Additionally, it delivers quick business value to project-driven businesses by incorporating industry-specific features and capabilities into a cohesive system. With ready-to-use project functionalities, you eliminate the need to develop a solution from scratch, significantly reducing the time to value.  

Can I integrate Project Control Suite with other project solutions in my business?  

Yes, this is possible. Project Control Suite can be integrated with other applications you may use in your business. STAEDEAN has various application integration options that suit most integration needs.

Does Project Control Suite have regular updates? 

We check the compatibility with each preview, first release, and general release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM and ensure the add-ons or updates work seamlessly for all future versions. We also maintain close contact with our customers and define the roadmap to improve or expand the software based on user feedback. 

Can Project Control Suite support inventory-based projects?

Project Control Suite can handle both resource-based and inventory-based businesses. In Microsoft terms, the software can easily support the Integrated Deployment Scenario and Stocked Deployment Scenario. As a stock-based or inventory-focused company with a complex product lifecycle, you can easily handle complex projects, manage resources, and carry out comprehensive inventory management.


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