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About EDI Studio

EDI Studio is a solution that helps companies streamline their communications with their customers and trading partners through electronic data interchange. Our configurable, no-code solution is built within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM ERP offering a familiar user experience to existing ERP users.

Since it is powered by an integration engine, Dynamics 365 EDI Integration is easier and it speeds up the implementation process. We also offer the flexibility to connect to your preferred EDI brokers and/or trading partners.

Our solution is built for business users and needs no coding expertise. Therefore, it simplifies configuring EDI messages, managing exceptions, and error handling, all of which can be done without leaving the Dynamics 365 environment. This streamlines the EDI and supply chain process and ensures that all your EDI messages are accessible within the ERP.

Key Challenges

D365 EDI integration
Integrating any business system or application requires integration expertise. Our EDI Solution is built on an integration engine resolving the need for hiring integration experts and developers to manage the Dynamics 365 EDI Integration.
Difficult error handling
Handle errors without leaving the Dynamics 365 environment. Instead of switching between solutions, when you see an erroneous message, you can use our solution embedded in D365 F&SCM to correct the error within the ERP.
Long implementation time
Since most EDI solutions need to be integrated with Dynamics 365 using development, implementation times can be long. Our no-code solution is built within the D365 F&SCM environment which speeds up the implementation process.

History Management

Simplify reporting or recalling of orders. All document processing and message transmissions are recorded in the history to ensure you have all your EDI data in Dynamics 365.

Error notification alerts

Configure notification alerts for specific errors to ensure quick resolutions while setting up your EDI processes using our solution. The recipient of the notification can check the error and validate that document in D365 F&SCM itself.

Built for business

Our no-code solution designed for business users enables sales, purchase, and logistics personnel to handle EDI end-to-end without any dependence on IT. Your team can use simple point-and-click configurations to create messages, handle exceptions, or map data with D365 F&SCM.

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Embedded in D365 F&SCM

Our EDI solution is built using the same business logic as D365 F&SCM and hence provides a familiar user experience for existing users, which makes it easier to use.


Our solution can be used with any broker/value-added network (VAN) or multiple partners of your choice which gives you the flexibility to choose.


EDI Studio can be scaled across legal entities across Dynamics 365 and also be used to process a high volume of EDI messages per legal entity.

Quick start

After the initial training, the tutorials will give your team a quick start to process simple EDI messages in a matter of days.


Our solution offers access to all tables and fields in Dynamics 365 and the ability to configure and tailor your messages based on your business requirements.

Simplify order validation

We offer an easy way to track and manage the automatic order flow in the staging area where orders can be validated or checked before processing.


EDI Messaging

EDI Messaging

The solution supports several electronic document formats including EDIFACT (Europe), ANSI X12 (United States), fixed text, and XML.

Extendible Integrations

Extendible Integrations

You can extend the integration functionality to include the Data Integration Solution and integrate Dynamics 365 with any business system or application and reduce data silos.

Message tracking

Message tracking

Users can track and create business transactions and document exchanges directly from their specific role center.

EDI message distribution

EDI message distribution

Manage intercompany messaging between departments as well as EDI messaging with trading partners using the Dynamics 365 EDI Integration.

Frequently asked questions

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Does EDI Studio support specific standards?

EDI Studio does not come with a library of standard EDI messages, although they can be created. With EDI Studio, we focus on integrating EDI messages with Dynamics 365. We integrate with any EDI broker who will do the complex transformation, as per industry and global standards.

What is the process for onboarding a new trading partner?

Onboarding a trading partner can be set up with just a few clicks for the end user. You can easily add a trading setup for each trading partner to the D365 master data for customers, vendors, addresses, and warehouses, without involving your IT team.

Can we connect with multiple EDI brokers?

Yes. With EDI Studio, you have the flexibility to choose an alternate EDI broker, if you like. EDI Studio allows you to connect with a value-added network (VAN) or managed service provider (MSP) of your choice (in case of an indirect, hybrid integration, or non-EDI messages), that could translate your messages to the right EDI format per trading partner.

I find several EDI solutions on D365. What makes your solution different from these?

EDI Studio is built within D365 and implemented using our integration platform, which is an essential building block that simplifies integrations between EDI, your ERP, and other business systems. We offer template-based document exchange. The solution integrates with several Dynamics 365 for Operations modules, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, and warehouse. The solution can also help you migrate data from Microsoft AX 2012 to Microsoft D365 F&SCM within the organization.


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