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Data Governance Solution

The ERP is at the heart of an organization, driving operations, processes, and revenue. If you manage your data governance processes from within Microsoft Dynamics 365 or from an external master data management system, our no-code Data Governance Solution can help you manage all your data governance challenges from within the ERP.

Integrate your business systems with Dynamics 365 to ensure you cut out data silos. Simplify data quality management using configurable rules to reduce errors. Create workflows to ensure data is completed to avoid missing data in fields. Once you have your source of truth in Dynamics 365, you can manage master data distribution and work on data preparation and modelling to derive meaning from your data.

Key Challenges

Poor data

This can lead to a domino effect of issues such as operational problems, difficulty in reporting, erroneous and duplicate data, and more. Our solution helps you manage master data management in Dynamics 365 and iron out these issues without development.

Managing master data

Without processes in place to manage and govern data, you could have inappropriate data access. Establish processes to manage master data in Dynamics 365. Distribute and publish data within and outside the organization.

Difficulty in collaboration

Constantly following up with teammates for data entry and data validation, and missing data can cause delays and can be very time intensive. Automate the process using workflows wherein you can assign team members specific responsibilities.

Manage data end-to-end

Enhance data accuracy by adding data quality rules, de-duplicate data, and autofill data from set values and simplify data quality management. Validate data internally by assigning it through a workflow or externally by connecting to external web services.

Connect systems to D365 F&SCM

Set up integrations between business systems and applications and Dynamics 365 and manage and monitor your integrations with our point-and-click solution. Make D365 F&SCM your master data system or connect it to an independent master data system and simplify data governance.

Control master data management

Use a centralized/decentralized approach based on your business requirements. Ensure secure distribution of master data by using our solution’s Dynamic Field Security feature to inhibit access to critical data. Our change request management functionality helps you safeguard the process of making changes to master data.
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Embedded in D365

Our solution is built using the same business logic as Dynamics 365. This makes it easier for business users who are already familiar with D365 F&SCM to get started with our solutions.

Improved reporting

Using our solutions you can manage data entry, data quality, master data distribution, and also connect Dynamics 365 with other systems. The data can then be used to make impactful business decisions.

Enrich data

Our solution can improve the quality of imported records from other business systems using data validation and enrichment rules,  and also integrate with an independent MDM system.

Control master data management

Ensure that the right people have access to data entry, data validation, and making or approving changes to data to secure and control the MDM process in Dynamics 365.

Streamline processes

Use our no-code solution with existing resources. Simplify data processes within D365 F&SCM based on your data governance plan.

Data preparation

Once you have clean and accurate master data, you can extract data at high speed and volumes to derive meaningful business insights.

Key Functionalities

Data integration and monitoring

Data integration and monitoring

Manage integrations between Dynamics 365 and other business systems and applications using configurations. Monitor those integrations on the go with our mobile/tablet-friendly application.

Data quality

Data quality

Improve data quality not just in Dynamics 365 but also for data imported from other systems with active data quality rules. Data quality rules integrate and work well with our workflow functionality as well.

Data workflows

Data workflows

Speed up data entry by assigning critical fields parallelly to relevant team members with time limits. Ensure you have accurate and up-to-date data by assigning sections for the team manager’s approval.

Master data validation

Master data validation

An added layer of master data validation for high-volume data extractions to ensure you get your data preparation right before moving to analytics.

Master data distribution

Master data distribution

Validate data in the staging tables and distribute it at a later date or in a phased manner and select the legal entities that will have access to the information.

Frequently asked questions

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Who takes care of continuous updates to the solution?

STAEDEAN takes care of maintaining continuous updates with the practice of Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery (CICD). The Data Governance Solution set up in your environment will continue to work without being impacted by new updates.

What are the main reasons to choose our Data Governance Solution?

With our solution, you can ensure high-quality data, create workflows, manage integrations and master data distribution in your ERP environment, prevent customizations, and do easy deployments. Our Data Governance Solution is a no-code solution that does not require coding expertise.

How secure is your solution since multiple users may access sensitive or confidential master data?

Master data can contain private or sensitive data. You can manage which data is to be entered on which step using a workflow or secure critical fields by limiting access. Additionally, any changes to master data can be tracked and streamlined using a change management feature offered by the solution.

Can master data be shared with other applications (other than D365) using our solution?

Yes, this is possible. You can import or export master data to other applications and business systems. You can also configure synchronous and asynchronous integrations. Also, multiple Dynamics 365 instances can be connected in case you have multiple subscriptions for regional deployments.


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