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Data Security for Dynamics 365 F&SCM

Secure your organization’s business-critical data with our all-in-one security, compliance, data governance, and data management solution for Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management. This no-code, embedded solution not only helps you define and monitor user roles but also enables you to easily analyze and mitigate risk, withstand audits, and meet compliance requirements in D365, without leaving the ERP’s environment.

The higher the volume of data, the bigger the security risk. With our Dynamics 365 Security Solution, you can avoid data fraud, errors, and misuse of information by giving users access to only the data that they require to perform their role. This comprehensive software helps you efficiently set up and maintain data security, prevent unauthorized access to D365 data, improve audit trail, and ensure adherence to regulatory requirements for your industry and region. Moreover, the solution equips D365 business users to fully control the end-to-end data lifecycle, govern their master data, integrate their applications, simplify data imports into D365 F&SCM, and realize faster speed to analytics with no-code data preparation and extraction.

Data Security Solution is meticulously designed to support your Dynamics 365 security and compliance needs—effectively and consistently.

Key Challenges

Poor data security
With lack of flexible and structured ways to define and set up security roles that are matched correctly with corresponding duties, privileges, and permissions, it becomes difficult to secure your Dynamics 365 data against errors, loss, fraud, or misuse.
Lack of auditing functionalities

Without proper auditing functionality and reporting within D365 F&SCM, it becomes difficult to track which users had access to which data in F&SCM or to prove to internal and external auditors that your IT has been set up correctly.

Absence of security setup history
Since there is no history build-up around your Dynamics 365 security setup, any user can make changes to D365 security setup without it being recorded. There is no approval flow for security changes in D365 F&SCM as well as no request flow.

Flexible Segregation of Duties (SoD)

Our Dynamics 365 security & compliance solution helps you achieve flexible segregation of duties, privileges, and entry points by providing an appropriate level of security to key information in Dynamics 365. You can define SoD violation rules at the duties, privileges, and entry point levels. The solution also offers a pre-defined SoD rule set that speeds up implementation time.

Optimized User Licenses

Data Security Solution enables security administrators to optimize license costs for D365 F&SCM through a re-engineered Scenario Analysis Framework that provides transparency into current licenses and helps determine needed licenses during role creation. This ensures that none of your employees have privileges they don't need, and that you don't end up with a more expensive license than you need.

Enhanced Audit Trail

Ensure audit compliance with our Dynamics 365 security and compliance solution by gaining an audit trail of current and previous users accessing data in D365 F&SCM. The solution helps you capture and compare security snapshots for detailed enterprise security visibility and allows you to reduce time on internal IT audits by providing auditors dynamic access to relevant data.
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Easily manage role-based security

Easily create suitable security roles and ensure efficient access management by ensuring that users are matched with the right roles, duties, and privileges that align with their user rights.

Avoid data misuse and fraud

Limit user rights in Dynamics 365 to only allow users access to data that’s required for their role, and gain insights into non-compliant roles and users as well as SoD violations in D365 F&SCM.

Establish a visible audit trail

Increase the traceability of security changes in Dynamics 365 F&SCM by keeping an audit trail of who can access what data or who has accessed it in the past.

Gain insights into non-compliance

Enhance transparency and gain insights into non-compliant roles and users in D365 by tracking, monitoring, and analyzing security change requests with predefined charts and graphs.

Achieve flexible Segregation of Duties (SoD)

Mitigate risk and achieve easy and simple segregation of duties, privileges, and entry points for each user role by providing an appropriate level of security to key information in Dynamics 365 F&SCM.  

Ensure regulatory compliance

Prepare for ongoing changes to regulatory requirements by optimizing and maintaining your licensing, security, user management and audit processes more efficiently and reliably.

Key Functionalities

Data security

Data security

Optimize user rights by recording the user's business processes in Dynamics 365 and then matching them to the required roles, duties, privileges, and permissions with minimum necessary access levels.

Data compliance

Data compliance

Create security snapshots as required by company compliance policy, keep a log of role contents and user assignments, and gain visibility into role content and user assignment security changes in D365.

Data governance

Data governance

Easily create, update, validate, de-duplicate, and distribute data from within D365 F&SCM while ensuring master data change requests pass through appropriate approvals before being implemented.

Data migration

Data migration

Achieve flexible options to import data from any legacy system, Excel sheet, or flat file into Dynamics 365 F&SCM while de-duplicating, validating, and cleaning data during or after migration, without coding.

Data integration

Data integration

Easily configure and monitor unlimited integrations in D365 F&SCM, troubleshoot integration errors, and clean, encrypt, prepare, extract, and export data to a BYOD database faster, without a developer.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find what you're looking for?
How can I protect my organization’s data?
Establishing the right security policies and complying with GDPR regulations can help you protect your organization’s sensitive data.
How does Segregation of Duties help us meet compliance requirements?
Data Security Solution ensures that the Segregation of Duties is simple and easy. It provides the appropriate level of protection to the key information in your ERP system by controlling who has access to what data.
How can I manage access and security roles without adding to the cost?
This is where a solution like Data Security Solution that will automatically lead you through the process and ensure that your data is secure can help.
Why should I consider Data Security Solution for Dynamics 365 F&SCM?
Having a proper regulatory compliance solution can help you reduce security and compliance related costs largely by helping prevent any data misuse and fraud. Moreover, Data Security Solution is built inside Dynamics 365, making it more cost-effective, and ensuring that all functionality is available without leaving the ERP.


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