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Data Migration Solution

The success of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain implementation partly depends on the data migration from the legacy ERP system. Data migration mistakes can cost your organization unforeseen delays, and major losses in revenue.

In comparison to development, which needs more time, resources, and investment, our no-code Data Migration Solution can help you get this right the first time. Whatever your scenario, our solution can help with Dynamics 365 data migrations. Whether you are migrating from on-prem systems to the cloud, from multiple ERP systems, or have customized tables in your older ERP system, our solution can help you move, check for duplicates, and validate your data. Post the data migration, our solution can help you enrich new and imported data within D365 F&SCM.

Key Challenges

Dependence on developers
For a Dynamics 365 data migration, you need to map data with Microsoft’s existing data entities. If there is no match, you need to hire developers. Our solution helps you map any field, or any table without any need for coding.
Data quality issues

Historic data from older ERP systems could have errors. Additionally, if you are importing from multiple systems, you could have duplicates. Manual data cleansing would take very long. Our solution offers options to set up de-duplication and data validation.

Moving transactional data
Moving transactional data during a Dynamics 365 data migration is very challenging. This can take time and resources. Our solution can help you move your crucial financial data that is important for day-to-day business and reporting.

Easy data mapping

Built within the D365 source code, the solution can use the same methods/classes during import and you can use any table/any field (even customized fields). Additionally, you have the option to use variables to simplify Dynamics 365 data migrations.

Set up data hierarchy

Set up a data import hierarchy using our data migration software to ensure that you don’t get errors due to missing dependent data during data imports. Using a data structure, you can ensure that base data is imported prior to the dependent data.

Improve data accuracy

Start test runs with small batches of data and increase the volume as you go. This will help you optimize and reduce errors in your final migration. You can also track your migrations with a detailed history and business logic tracing. Easily identify errors and validate data during testing.
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Speed up data migrations

Our solution allows you to carry out multi-company imports and supports parallel importing via multi-threading, considerably speeding up Dynamics 365 data migrations.

Improve data quality

Add data quality rules, run duplicate checks, and enhance data quality during your move to D365 F&SCM. Keep your data clean after the migration using a combination of rules, and a workflow for new and imported data.

Data manipulation

Set up data transformations using placeholders such as conversions, transformations, etc to map any field or table reducing risk and complexity in your Dynamics 365 data migrations.

Embedded in D365 F&SCM

Our solution is built within Dynamics 365, using the same business logic, which means faster implementation for our customers and a superior customer experience.

Cost, resource, and time efficiency

Carry out Dynamics 365 data migrations using your existing team. Ensure control over your project and meet your timelines without coding.

Automate processes

Once you set up conditions for data imports, you can use the same logic for similar imports and automate a part of your migration.

Key Functionalities

Data imports and exports

Data imports and exports

Configure high-volume data imports and exports. Monitor complex Dynamics 365 data migrations and exports end-to-end within the solution.

Data quality

Data quality

Manage and monitor data quality prior to and post-data migration. Use configurable data quality rules, run periodic checks, and validate data internally and externally (web services).

Data entry

Data entry

Create customized workflows to ensure data imported into D365 F&SCM is updated, completed, and also validated by assigning it to relevant data owners.

Move financial data

Move financial data

Manage and move crucial transactional data such as financial dimensions, recID relations, inventory journal, and more without any development to D365 F&SCM.

Frequently asked questions

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Can I migrate data from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 and also manage large data exports?

Yes! You can migrate data from any legacy system, including Dynamics AX 4.0, 2009, and 2012, to Dynamics 365 F&O. Data from other legacy on-prem ERPs can also be migrated to D365. When configuring such imports, you can choose to migrate data to one company or multiple legal entities, as required. Large data exports to your Bring Your Own Database (BYOD) can be carried out by configuration.

How can you support us in educating our team to make use of the Data Migration Solution?

We offer a training plan based on an analysis and evaluation on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, documentation for our solutions is also available on our website. We also provide implementation support and additional support plans for each of our solutions for more complex scenarios.

If we have a lot of companies, do we need to set up data quality rules per company and buy a lot of additional rule packs?

No. The configuration of the solution is a global setup and a single rule will initially work in all companies. With this setup, you can ensure that a rule is applicable only when required for a specified number of companies.

Do I need to invest in a technical resource to configure migrations, data quality rules, workflows, and data imports and exports?

There is no specific requirement for a technical skillset; however, knowledge of Dynamics 365 and the legacy ERP will be required to transform and map data. Our solution allows you to use placeholders when the data nomenclature differs in both ERP systems or use the existing data entities offered by Microsoft’s Data Management Framework.


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