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Effective warehouse management is essential in life sciences ̶   from pharmaceuticals to medical devices. Without a reliable pharmaceutical distribution system, fulfilling orders, shipping products on time, and meeting market demands is difficult.  

A robust pharmaceutical warehouse management system controls inventory and oversees all processes, from picking and storing to order fulfillment and shipment. This control streamlines operations, minimizes errors, and reduces the product lead time. 

STAEDEAN Life Sciences solution ensures your operations are efficient and compliant with regulations like FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11. It tracks each unit's progress precisely and provides a 360-degree view of your inventory.  

Embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, our solution helps you optimize end-to-end logistics and stand out in the competitive life sciences industry.  

Key Challenges

Extensive paperwork
Using paperwork instead of digital processes increases the probability of errors, delays, and compliance impacting operational efficiency and company profits  
Product unavailability
A lack of visibility in the supply chain leads to stockouts. This issue is particularly critical for life-saving products, where ensuring consistent availability is essential.  
Integration hurdles
Without seamless integration with other systems, data silos emerge, causing limited data visibility. This results in inefficient material utilization, poor customer service, and challenges in scaling operations. 

Product receipt and picking

Generate containers during receipt, print labels, and modify the quantity. Reserve batches/ sub-batches based on criteria such as intended use, expiry date, etc. With a single scan, pick a batch or partial container. Display item-handling instructions.

Inventory movements

Access all information with a single barcode scan. Move one batch or multiple sub-batches. Restrict movement based on storage conditions and attributes. Get alerts for code mismatches and expiration dates.  

Production consumption

Start the consumption process with a single scan. Verify the materials' intended use, disposition code, expiration date, and retest date. Scrap the balance quantity. Consume unplanned material. Enable second-person verification before posting.  
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Reduce inventory paperwork

Significantly reduce the paperwork by automating various steps of warehouse operations. Keep a digital track of reports, packing lists, and other documents.

Streamline supply chain management

Accurately manage materials from when they arrive in your warehouse till the final product is delivered to the customer. Share real-time data across the organization for process optimization, cost reduction, and removal of unnecessary bottlenecks and delays.

Optimize processes

Automate processes to shorten the cycle time and expedite the fulfillment process to meet business demands on time. Enhance productivity through operational efficiency. 

Avail seamless integration

Integrate across multiple Microsoft Dynamics platforms seamlessly for easier collaboration. Connect with best-of-breed label design solutions for label printing.  

Maximize savings

Save costs by reducing waste and optimizing storage. Expiration date management and adhering to regulations help cut costs. 

Ensure Compliance

With real-time inventory tracking and data sharing, our pharmaceutical warehouse management system helps meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11 guidelines. 


Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Track inventory levels at all locations in real-time to maintain optimum levels. Automate reorder processes to minimize stockouts using STAEDEAN’s pharmaceutical warehouse management system. 

Handheld device support

Handheld device support

Collect all information with a single scan and prevent inconsistent manual entries.  

Logistics Execution

Logistics Execution

Systematize individual components like raw material picking, component verification, and report as finished.

Label management

Label management

Print labels to facilitate material identification and movements.



Share reports, transactions, and other key information with all stakeholders to enable data-driven decisions. 

Frequently asked questions

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How does your solution support handheld devices in the warehouse?

Our solution enables handheld devices to collect all information, such as location, item number, and handling unit, in a single scan. Movement operations with handheld devices in the warehouse and production area are enabled with minimum scans. The devices can control movements based on storage conditions, storage attributes, use codes, and batch dispositions.

Which labels can your solution generate?

Our pharmaceutical distribution software can generate sample labels, weighing and dispensing labels, shipping labels, and identity labels for manufactured products.

Which labels can your solution generate when the warehouse receives the material?

Our pharmaceutical distribution system generates identity labels when the material is received, along with secondary container labels for the identification of the carton boxes, pallet labels for the identification of the pallet, and sample labels.

Does your solution integrate with third-party label printing software?

Yes, we offer file drop methodology with third-party label printing software and HTTP API method for integration.

How do you control worker logins to handheld devices and ensure security?

To enhance security, our solution allows workers whose Active Directory accounts are active. Additionally, the handheld devices require a User ID and password to log in. The user ID and passwords are configurable with parameters like user ID and password length, password validity, and password expiry notifications.

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