Key challenges we solve

  • Inability to meet stringent regulatory requirements
  • Rising supply chain complexities 
  • Insufficient quality control and assurance measures

Discover how our STAEDEAN Life Sciences ERP Software Solution simplifies your business

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checkmark Ensure regulatory compliance
checkmark Strengthen supply chain resilience
checkmark Fuel growth with one integrated platform 
checkmark Use robust financial management and controls
checkmark Achieve digital maturity with AI-ready platform


STAEDEAN provides complete life sciences software with strong data capabilities that ensure smooth supply chain collaboration and accelerate the delivery of high-quality products that meet local and international regulatory standards.

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    Supply Chain Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Streamline operations, reduce operational costs, and discover supply chain opportunities with single life sciences ERP.  

    Key challenges we solve 

    • Lack of visibility from factory to clinic 
    • Inability to keep up with compliance changes
    • Unprepared for growth and technology disruption

    Warehouse Management

    Warehouse Management

    Automate warehouse tasks, reduce errors, ensure traceability, and gain real-time insights to make informed decisions. 

    Key challenges we solve 

    • Errors and operational inefficiencies due to extensive paperwork 
    • Stockout and delays due to a lack of insights into the supply chain  
    • Integration hurdles due to multiple systems and data silos

    Quality Management

    Quality Management

    Build quality into operations, achieve compliance with industry requirements, improve product quality with transparent and accurate data. 

    Key challenges we solve 

    • Risk of recalls and hefty fines due to non-compliance
    • Multiple applications and add-ons increase complexities and cost
    • Difficulty maintaining data transparency, quality, and accuracy 

    Weighing & Dispensing

    Weighing & Dispensing

    Maintain product quality and safety with precise and accurate dispensing, facilitate compliance, and ensure real-time transactions and data integrity. 

    Key challenges we solve 

    • Risk of errors due manual data entry and/or duplicate data  
    • Inconsistent quality due to inaccurate processes 
    • Incorrect stock level reports due to lag in inventory update  

    Validation Toolkit

    Validation Toolkit

    Streamline and automate the validation process to reduce time, effort, and costs. Ensure high-quality systems with consistent, thorough testing to minimize errors and risks. 

    Key challenges we solve 

    • Rapidly evolving industry regulations and guidelines 
    • Increased ERP complexity due to multiple systems and extensive customization 
    • Scarcity of resources, time, budget, and skilled personnel 

    • Simplifies data migration to Dynamics 365 ERP
    • Integrates with any ERP system in a hub-and-spoke implementation
    • Integrates with life sciences applications such as LIMS, IRT, and QMS
    • Enables data preparation management, critical for life sciences project control
    • Seamlessly connects with customer and vendor portals and systems
    • Facilitates data distribution and ensures data security and quality
    • Allows you to configure roles, permissions, and privileges easily
    • Authorizes approval workflows and guarantees full traceability
    • Enables compliance with industry-specific regulations and guidelines
    • Offers pre-defined process library with over 100 standardized business processes  



    Get real-time insights with advanced analytics to strengthen quality control and minimize process variability.


    Maximize profitability, ensure compliance, and achieve operational excellence.

    Medical Devices

    Maintain quality data and track product data to meet regulatory standards.

    Clinical Supplies

    Meet modern clinical trial demands with enhanced forecasting, planning, manufacturing, and distribution.


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