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Jul 22, 2015 9:33:23 AM

A new mobile solution, STAEDEAN AX Anywhere for WMS, brings greater usability and process efficiencies to the mobile client of the Warehouse Management System (WMS) in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. For the many companies that are looking to make workers more productive and achieve more with modern mobility, the solution enables rapid, yet reliable performance of many common tasks.

Superior user experience
In designing AX Anywhere for WMS, we as much as possible considered the perspective and experience of mobile warehouse workers. The solution offers a familiar, Metro-style user interface that will be comfortably and intuitive for employees. It renders consistently on whichever mobile device is in use. It is also consistent with our other AX Anywhere solutions, and incorporates our experience in building AX Anywhere – Logistics for AX WMS I and AX WMS II.

To make it easy for mobile workers to retrieve the information they need and make smart decisions in the moment, AX Anywhere for WMS provides a number of lists in such key processes as item inquiries, receiving, and putaway. Filtering brings the right data even closer.

Substantial process improvements
Several important processes can be performed without using any paper forms at all, and we added wide-ranging functionality to make many common warehouse activities more efficient. In receiving, put away, and item inquiries, workers will find it easier to take the right next steps in processing transactions and speeding workflows along.
When it comes to the process of deploying the solution, you can turn it on after importing the ISV model in Dynamics AX and installing the optimized CSS style sheets. Depending on what the business needs, you can switch features in AX Anywhere for WMS on and off for each mobile process.

Making the most of barcoding technology
To make your Dynamics AX warehouse environment more streamlined yet, AX Anywhere for WMS gets increased mileage from barcoding in three areas:

  • Your warehouse employees enjoy simplified location scanning with the ability to scan a single barcode for both a warehouse and a location.
  • In the near-universal GS1-128 barcode standard, there is an application identifier of 00, used as a serial shipping container code or SSCC. In AX Anywhere for WMS, this identifier is scannable, so you can perform license plate scanning in GS1-128 format.
  • If you deploy AX Anywhere for WMS together with the standard STAEDEAN BarTender Integration, you can take full advantage of the popular Seagull Scientific barcoding software and get more done, easier, when it comes to barcode label creation, management, and printing.
Daniel Villegas Daniel Villegas
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