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Case Study

eurotrade, the shopping experts at Munich Airport, Germany, implemented
To-Increase Anywhere for Retail, embedded in Dynamics 365 F&SCM, to optimize their in-store retail operations, improve staff productivity, and reduce inventory management costs.

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eurotrade leverages the retail scanning features and easy mobility of Anywhere for Retail for improved in-store processes

eurotrade is a luxury-first international shopping center operating more than 60 stores at Munich airport, Germany. They offer high-end luxury products as well as reputed regional brands in the fashion, jewelry, accessories, and travel segments.

For eurotrade, offering their customers a luxurious shopping experience is of the highest importance. This, they felt, rested on sustaining a successful retail model which involved capturing physical stocks and sales accurately and avoiding incorrect and time-consuming inventory counting. 

As they were struggling with missing functionalities in their existing inventory management solution, they discovered To-Increase Anywhere for Retail, a web-based retail-friendly mobile application embedded in Dynamics 365 F&SCM, that helped them ensure better stock control and reduce process costs.   

Software and Service

Anywhere for Retail
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management





Company size

900+ employees

Why eurotrade needed a solution

eurotrade could not afford to have a slow inventory-counting process or have gaps in the item information. They needed real-time count of their item stock in D365 and wanted to be able to replenish physical inventory and conduct a smooth cashier process without affecting their customers. 

The key pain areas that eurotrade was trying to address

  • eurotrade was looking to optimize their inventory process by capturing sales real-time sales in their ERP and ensuring it was reflected in the physical stock data.
  • Their shop staff were spending a lot of time onin manual tasks such as recording item details in an Excel sheet.
  • eurotrade had to allocate separate staff to do counting and restocking of all items by closing the shops for a few hours at night.
  • They were looking for an alternative to their current inventory process solution which lacked many functionalities they required.
  • Although they considered optimizing their existing solution, they soon realized that customizing and maintaining the software would be lengthy and expensive. 

Why eurotrade chose To-Increase’s Anywhere for Retail

Anywhere for Retail is a web-based inventory management application designed specifically for retail businesses, which made it an ideal choice for eurotrade. The solution offered an expanded inventory management and accounting module for Dynamics 365 and was embedded in the ERP. This helped empower eurotrade shopfloor staff with direct access to D365 product information and stock availability, thus improving their restocking, inventory counting, and cashier processes at the airport. The solution also provided additional functionalities such as shop-to-shop transfer, inventory adjusting, label printing, and bulk-item scanning. 

Anywhere for Retail is very user friendly and can be used during the normal opening hours. The re-counting process makes a big difference, and thanks to it, the inventory counting can be closed quickly. It works paperless, is highly efficient, and very flexible. We can decide if two or ten people do the counting. In general, our stock quality improved a lot and we now save around 500 working hours over all shops per year,” Tanja Meidinger, Head of Retail Operations, eurotrade 

How Anywhere for Retail is an effective solution for eurotrade

  • Mobile solution for efficient in-store operations: With the seamless mobility offered by To-Increase Anywhere for Retail, eurotrade was able to automate day-to-day inventory control and improve article management. 
  • Embedded within D365 for improved accessibility: eurotrade was able to easily implement and manage Anywhere for Retail without many customizations or development efforts, since the solution was already seamlessly integrated within the ERP. 
  • A single application for retail inventory needs: With Anywhere for Retail, eurotrade staff was able to get complete item information real-time with a single scan, without needing to fill out Excel sheets. They were also now able to check item history, make changes to wrong item information, automate the counting process, manage payments on their mobile devices, and conduct shop-to-shop item transfers with speed and accuracy. 
  • Empowered shop floor staff with direct D365 access: Anywhere for Retail enables eurotrade staff to directly access product pricing, stock availability, item information, and store transfers in D365 F&SCM. They can also make real-time entries into the ERP, such as scanning the articles to record item details. 
  • Complete end-to-end inventory control: eurotrade now has an efficient retail-friendly solution that helps them count, restock, track, and re-balance inventory stock levels, pricing data, customer order history, article payments, shop-to-shop transfers, and item scan history – giving them complete visibility and control over physical stock, in real-time. 

Prime benefits that eurotrade reaps from Anywhere for Retail

  • Improved speed and accuracy in day-to-day retail operations 
  • Significant reduction in development costs 
  • Empowered sales and shop floor staff 
  • Easy, secure, reliable, and real-time access to item information in D365 
  • Enhanced stock quality and stock data in the system 
  • Faster and automated inventory counting process 
  • Enhanced visibility into warehouse and physical stock levels 
  • Improved store worker efficiency and customer satisfaction 

“I think one of the key benefits we gained from To-Increase Anywhere for Retail was definitely the possibility to build. It's about the simple way in which you can use applications with these mobile devices. Anywhere’s web-based approach is definitely a benefit for us because it makes it possible for our mobile users to make changes there. Also, the investment which we have to make to develop our own mobile application for end users is much, much lower than it was before. The standard warehouse app is a complex framework and requires more time and effort to extend it to meet our requirements. Whereas, the Anywhere solution helps a lot to bring down our development costs.” Stefan Vogel, Team Leader-ERP & LVS, eurotrade 


“The nice feature about To-Increase Anywhere for Retail is really that you have a simple tool set to create a web-based application for the end-user. So the coding time which we invest on this solution is definitely less than if were building something on our own."

Stefan Vogel
Team Leader-ERP & LVS, eurotrade

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Explore how To-Increase Anywhere for Retail helped eurotrade automate manual business processes, achieve optimal inventory management, and streamline shop floor operations within Dynamics 365 F&SCM. 

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