Pieter de Jong Pieter de Jong
Aug 16, 2018 11:16:06 AM

We are pleased to announce the new releases for the following AX versions:
- Dynamics AX 2012 R1, R2 and R3
- Dynamics 365 FO V7.3 and higher
- Dynamics 365 FO V8.0 and higher (CAReport is approved)

We extended our EDI, Electronic Data Interchange (Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX) for Lantmännen Unibake with 3PL (external warehouses) support. Three years ago, we had helped them start with EDI and had delivered a new inventory journal. They had extended the checks, tutorial, and documentation during implementation. Now, we have merged the generic features, which has led to:

  • Warehouse management teams being able to work with the new and improved journals.
  • Process automation for posting confirmations and invoices.
  • Document flow type extensions with warehouse management processes.
  • Tutorials with extended and improved pre-defined mappings.
  • Added check when the invoice is received and delivered for a purchase order. In case of a non-delivery, a new check type is added where the invoice cannot be processed until the order is received.

We have made our web services functionality more stable and easier to install. A few weeks ago, our client, Marcel, was struggling with a connection and we were unable to find out the root cause. One of our consultants demonstrated how errors were tracked and shown. After a small test, we got an error based on the URL (a slash in the URL) and found out the new checks to be very valuable

The BIS team has been able to bring about improvements to the Connectivity Studio (Dynam­ics D365, Dynamics AX) as well. We worked on a prototype to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to integrate service orders, objects, and much more, with the ADM team. We made the ABL set up easier. We have made the integration more scalable, faster, and flexible than the Microsoft integration tools with our new Common Data Services (CDS).

Our code is the same in Dynamics AX 2012 and D365 for Operations and the fixes from support are applied. Based on different customer projects, we have improved different features like our SQL triggers, transformation options and more. We have many customers using the solution extensively and come up with creative ideas to work with our solution.

We have also launched our new product that helps companies manage their master data. Our Master Data Management Solution (Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX) enables sharing data from one company to another or to external applications in a controlled and flexible way.

What’s next?

Looking ahead, we want to put the Dynamics AX 2012 and Dynamics 365 FO V7 release in maintenance mode as we keep improving features, but we will not change the heart of the application anymore. We will continue to develop new features on Dynamics 365 FO V8 and improve the tutorials and enable documentation. In addition, we plan to offer more services to our existing solutions. We will also be collaborating with other teams like:

  • Product Engineering (PE) – Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) integrations
  • Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) – for field service (CRM) integration
  • Innius – for work order/production order integration
  • AX Anywhere – offline integration
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