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About our Data Analytics Solution

The data lifecycle from data migration and transformation to cleaning, modeling, and visualization encompasses several stages. Each of these requires specialized skills and organizations end up investing in different solutions that can become complex and difficult to manage. Our one-stop Microsoft data analytics software minimizes the need to implement multiple solutions.

We understand the need for clean and trustworthy data to deduce insights and hence our solution can manage master data quality from data entry or import to distribution. Our embedded Data Analytics Solution simplifies and streamlines analytics and reporting from within Dynamics 365 while connecting to your business systems and applications and allowing you to share your analytics in Power BI or Excel. We also offer Analytics on Microsoft Data Lake. Additionally, we offer pre-packaged industry-specific and functional templates to give you a quick start.

Key Challenges

Complex data processes
Save your data stewards the time and complexity of managing several isolated solutions trying to transform, clean, model, and visualize data using development. Our end-to-end, no-code Data Analytics Solution eases several processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Manage data quality from multiple sources
Using our Microsoft Data Analytics software, you can integrate, import, export, clean, govern, and distribute master data securely within Microsoft Dynamics and your business ecosystem. This makes it easier for you to quick start your analytics journey.
Poor data quality
Poor data quality and data silos make it impossible to derive meaningful insights from your data. We solve this issue with functionality to set up data quality rules, master data validation, and create integrations between Dynamics 365 and your applications.

Manage data from multiple sources

Get a holistic view of your business data and operations by integrating Dynamics 365 with important business systems and applications through Microsoft Data Lake and eradicating data silos. Improve data quality, and security, and distribute master data from D365 F&SCM and extract it to your Bring Your Own Database (BYOD) to derive invaluable insights.

Accessible insights

Make it easier for decision-makers to access analytics on the Power BI or Excel dashboard without the need for Dynamics 365 F&SCM user licenses. Ensure your business intelligence is accessible while saving on F&SCM license costs.

Framework for advanced analytics

With plug-and-play templates, we also offer a foundational framework for advanced and predictive analytics using technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
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Improve data quality

Our solution offers functionality to improve and manage data quality from the time of entry or import ensuring you have accurate, rich data to derive business insights from.

Secure your data

Using our Microsoft data analytics software, you can manage data security at role level and field level by simple configurations. Manage master data distribution, change management, and lock critical fields for enhanced security.

Validate data

Our solution offers several options to validate data internally and also allows you to set up connections with external web services (paid) for an added layer of authentication.

Simplify data management

From configurable workflows to streamlined data entry to managing master data centrally or decentrally in Dynamics 365, our Microsoft data analytics software offers functionality to optimize processes at every stage.

Data modelling and extraction

Transform and extract all your data to a Bring Your Own Database (BYOD) at high speeds and volumes to be able to drive digital transformation.

Faster analytics

We offer industry-specific and function-specific analytics templates to choose from. You can opt for the rental, manufacturing, and Engineering Change Management (ECM) packs or modules such as Sales, Finance, Inventory, Production, and more.

Key Functionalities

Data import and export

Data import and export

Our Dynamics 365 BI analytics solution offers integrations and data movement, allowing you to transform data using placeholders without development. We also offer features to monitor those integrations and extractions.

Master data quality

Master data quality

Improve data quality at entry, import, and distribution with functionality to add data quality rules, run periodic data quality assessments, duplicate checks, or validate master data in staging or on export.

Ease data entry

Ease data entry

Design workflows with active data quality policies by assigning fields in a stepwise approach to team members for data entry or approval with time limits and conditions.

Security and compliance

Security and compliance

Match roles needed to perform given business processes and simplify the management of duties, privileges, and permissions in Dynamics 365. Simplify segregation of duties (SoD).

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

With the ease of managing data quality, data modeling, preparation, and extraction from our solution, you can also be rest assured of valuable business insights with our extendible pre-built dashboards.

Frequently asked questions

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Can your Data Analytics Solution be extended to further suit my business needs?

Yes, our products are built with business intelligence and analytics best practices in mind. Basic extensions to analytics can be done by business users themselves in Power BI, Excel or any other third-party visualization tool. Advanced extensions can be done within the data warehouse.

Can I use your solution if I'm not on Dynamics 365?

Our Data Analytics Solution is an ISV solution built within the technology of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management. To be able to use our solution, you would need to acquire Dynamics 365 and Azure SQL database licenses, taking the minimum licensing requirements from Microsoft into account.

Does your solution undergo regular software/application updates?

To keep up with the regular updates from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management, we have a quarterly release cadence. We check compatibility with every (intermediate) release from Microsoft. We have a roadmap to improve the application with new features based on feedback from our customers.

How can you support us in educating our team to make use of your solution?

We offer you training and consultancy services along with our online documentation to help educate your team on the correct use of our Data Analytics Solution.


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