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Achieve faster time-to-market by removing data silos

To outpace the competition, manufacturers must quickly bring high-quality products to market. This is often hindered by poor collaboration between engineering and manufacturing teams.  

STAEDEAN's PLM integration for Dynamics 365 ensures seamless cross-functional collaboration and real-time data sharing, providing a single source of truth for efficient production. 

Our PLM Integration Framework connects any PLM/PDM system with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. It's a proven solution compatible with systems like 3DX Dassault, Oracle Agile, Ansys, and Vault. We also offer out-of-the-box connectors for Siemens Teamcenter and PTC Windchill, reducing integration time 


Key challenges we solve

Longer time to market
Disconnected PLM and ERP systems fail to stay updated on product revisions, leading to siloed release processes, poor coordination, delays, and revenue loss.
Lack of cross-functional communication
A lack of unified access to data creates communication gaps, leading to incomplete, outdated, or incorrect product specifications, ultimately halting production. Without collaboration, innovation is impacted
Inconsistent data management
Without PLM integration to validate data transfer, compromised data integrity directly affects product quality. Furthermore, you may experience scattered and duplicate data due to a lack of ownership. 

Flexible framework

With our robust, user-friendly point-and-click integration framework, you can integrate any PLM system with Microsoft Dynamics F&SCM. All attributes from the PLM system are mapped swiftly

PLM staging

In the PLM Staging journals, data is validated and transformed before processing. Additionally, the history of previous information flow is displayed.

Version management

Gain insights into version updates at various stages of the product lifecycle. Furthermore, changes are tracked and controlled in real-time.
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Enhanced efficiency
Automated data reduces repetitive work, and complete visibility of project data enhances efficiency and production speed. 
Cost control
Reduced manual effort, accurate production orders, and on-time delivery contribute towards saving extra expenses.
Faster delivery
Smoother collaboration and enhanced efficiency shorten the product development lifecycle thus enabling accelerated product launch.
Improved collaboration
Access to a single source of truth, real-time updates and tracking allows seamless collaboration and increased productivity.
Data integrity
Enhanced data ownership and governance validate data transfer eliminating data discrepancy. Data errors due to duplicate data and manual data entry are reduced with Microsoft Dynamics 365 PLM integration. 
Customer delight
Boosted operational efficiency frees up time for order fulfillment, product enhancement, and customer satisfaction. Faster product launches help maintain a competitive edge.

Explore our Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Solution

PLM Integration for D365 is a cutting-edge component of our Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Solution embedded in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Learn more about simplifying complex projects and managing your project lifecycle. 


Change Management

Change Management

Tracks design changes and manages version revisions across the entire product lifecycle. Ensures that all changes are communicated across teams to maintain consistency.

Data Synchronization

Data Synchronization

Transfers validated data seamlessly and maintains a single source of truth.

BOM Management

BOM Management

Transfers large BOM automatically and manages change order processes.

Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Connects PLM and ERP to manage product lifecycle from design to production.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management

Streamlines design and manufacturing processes to avoid duplicate manual work and optimize workflows.

Data Insights

Data Insights

Provides data for intelligent insights through complete visibility of product status, product revisions, and release date.

Frequently asked questions

Can't find what you're looking for?

PLM or ERP? Which one should you implement first?

It makes sense to build and implement both systems simultaneously, as it ensures the integration is done specifically to suit your business needs. For details, readWhich comes first—PLM or ERP? 

Is ECM a prerequisite for PLM Integration?

Yes, engineering change management (ECM) is the basis of PLM integration. ECM manages product/version changes, and variances on bills-of-material, routings, and inventory. To yield great results, Engineering Change Management should first be implemented in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.

I have a messy PLM System - Can I connect to ERP?

Yes, you can, provided your engineering data quality is good. In case of poor quality, data needs to be manually corrected in the ERP system, which can slow down the process and significantly increase the implementation time.

What's the implementation time for PLM integration?

The integration can be implemented in less than a week once governance, responsibility, and data ownership are defined by engineering and manufacturing functions.

Does STAEDEAN provide PLM Integration only with Microsoft Dynamics?

Yes, we provide PLM integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain, AX, and Dynamics 365 Business Central.

How do I select a PLM integration for my business?





The right PLM integration for Dynamics 365 is crucial to avoid costly rework. Learn the factors to consider when selecting PLM integration, from gap analysis to calculating ROI, in our comprehensive guide.


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