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Walraven, a multi-national leader in the installation sector, implemented To-Increase Connectivity Studio and EDI Studio to achieve seamless ERP integration and digital data exchange within Dynamics 365 F&SCM.

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Walraven simplifies data connectivity and improves sales efficiency with To-Increase solutions

A  successful international manufacturer serving thousands of installation firms in over 20 countries, Walraven is renowned for its comprehensive range of smart technical solutions that cater to installation projects of varying sizes and complexities.

Since the company handles at least 10,000 sales order lines every month, Walraven recognized the need to digitize their business communication with a solution that could easily handle the flow of invoices and sales orders while promptly onboarding new customers. They also sought to integrate their older ERP system with Dynamics 365 F&SCM, thus modernizing their application landscape for improved business operations.

In their pursuit of a comprehensive solution, Walraven discovered To-Increase Business Integration solutions comprising Connectivity Studio and EDI Studio, that helped them expedite their integration processes, reduce internal costs per sales order line, and minimize EDI connection time.

Connectivity Studio provides you with a shared transparency. The fact that you can map and configure quite more easily with F&SCM really helps; and we will definitely use Connectivity Studio as the standard integration module for any future connection. With EDI Studio, we were able to increase our sales turnover as well as the order per sales person, while keeping the same amount of sales people and keeping our bottom line cost at the same level,

Niels Schoon, Group Director—IT & Digitalization, Walraven

Software and Service

Connectivity Studio and EDI Studio for Dynamics 365 F&SCM


The Netherlands



Company size

1000+ employees

Why Walraven needed a solution

With more than 12,000 innovative products being shipped to over 34,000 customers, Walraven could not afford to rely on an outdated ERP or have an error-prone manual communication process. They needed a business integration and EDI solution integrated within Dynamics 365 F&SCM that would facilitate easier integration and ensure EDI standardization in D365.

The key pain areas that Walraven was trying to address

  • Walraven wanted to easily communicate with large trading partners as well as smaller wholesalers, many of them who were already using EDI.
  • Although they used an in-house EDI solution initially, the tool could not integrate with their D365 ERP and required extensive development.
  • They were taking as long as four months at a time to onboard a new customer with their existing EDI capabilities.
  • Walraven had also been using a legacy ERP system for over two decades and wanted to integrate their applications with their new D365 F&SCM ERP.
  • Although they were provided with an integration module by their Dynamics partner, it took their IT team a lot of effort to implement and maintain.
  • Their existing integration flows between applications were lengthy and complicated.

Why Walraven chose To-Increase’s Business Integration solutions 

To-Increase offered the answer to Walraven’s integration and EDI challenges. Connectivity Studio, our configurable application integration and data migration software, enabled them to link their internal company applications, move data from their legacy ERP to Dynamics 365 F&SCM, and validate data during the integration process, without any need for customizations. EDI Studio, on the other hand, helped Walraven’s sales back office team automate day-to-day EDI communication, monitor incoming and outgoing EDI messages, handle exceptions, and enable faster trading partner onboarding, without IT help.


“I think the To-Increase Business Integration Solutions have given us a lot of advantages as an organization because of the ownership and involvement of the right people in their own processes. And that I think is the future way to go,” 

Niels Schoon
Group Director—IT & Digitalization, Walraven

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Explore how To-Increase Business Integration solutions helped Walraven standardize EDI processes, achieve intercompany integration flow, and improve customer support within Dynamics 365 F&SCM.

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