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Eazi Access is one of Africa’s market leaders in the rental, sales, services, and training of work-at-height and material handling solutions. With an international presence, they have the largest and most diverse fleet of boom lifts, scissor lifts, telehandlers, and vertical personnel lifts on the continent. The team at Eazi Access was exploring ways to change their ERP system to better deliver innovation excellence to their customers. Having partnered with DynaRent for many years, this shift in the company’s ERP was swift and seamless, as DynaRent provided the flexibility needed to put new technologies in their existing ERP system.

Business Situation

Why Eazi Access needed a rental solution

For many years, Eazi Access has partnered with DynaRent to provide solutions for their Microsoft Dynamics AX systems to overcome any challenges around system capacity, resource integration, and gathering rental information. However, over the past few years, Eazi Access has shifted its focus more on meeting customer needs via empowering technologies, especially mobility and online services.

This shift involved significant changes in their existing ERP system, and the organization was moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain as part of their growth journey. They were aiming to work with a cloud-based platform that can handle innovations around Big Data, including mobility, the Internet of Things (IoT), and business intelligence. They were seeking a solution that would empower them to address their innovation needs.

Why DynaRent was the right solution for Eazi Access


It was essential that the technologies used for rental, sales, and related services align with the future of Eazi Access. The DynaRent Solution Suite offered the flexibility needed to add new technologies to work for the organization in their quest to deliver continued innovation excellence to their customers in various industries.

DynaRent also provided Eazi Access the scope to easily increase innovation in their offerings to align themselves with the changing market trends and address customer demands.

How DynaRent benefits Eazi Access to keep pace with new technology needs

  • Incorporate customer-centric technology and an interface, which works seamlessly across diverse platforms
  • Increase customer reach and operational agility with online quoting and reservations
  • Enable seamless flow between infield operatives and the customers, which in turn, helps improve efficiency
  • Utilize reliable software that can adapt to different customer business processes
  • Improve efficiency and customer service levels with the integrated functionality
  • Control over data across multiple companies and countries with a centralized system
  • Improve customer intimacy through insight gathered from structured data collections


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