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Nov 27, 2018 6:00:49 AM

Our online presence is becoming more and more incorporated into the way we do business. Rental companies too are increasingly seeing the benefits of conducting business online. And of course, every company has a website nowadays and is used to emailing clients, but the internet brings even more benefits. There are fascinating trends emerging in rental businesses and their online behavior that is important to be aware of.

Used equipment online

Not only are rental businesses more and more attuned to the benefits of the internet through their websites and online marketing, but also using eBay is an interesting development. Rental companies are using this medium to unload their used equipment, or even to pick up little-used equipment. Traders are also moving towards the internet, instead of visiting the different rental companies or calling them. This saves everyone time and effort.

Find used equipment online
Image 1: Unload or pick up your used equipment online for your rental company

Finding required parts online

Finding the right parts for certain equipment used to be a hassle that meant many phone calls to different companies. Even if you found the right parts, you could never really be sure if you had bought them for the right price. Of course, experience could make this process easier, but still you knew there must be a better way. It is not surprising then that finding parts through the internet saves time and gives you much more freedom to find the best or cheapest options.

Working paperlessly

No more ordering or paying bills on paper—with the Cloud, everything can be done digitally. This means it saves costs because you do not have to buy paper, printer ink, printers, stamps, etc. But it also means you do not need someone to keep your files tidy. From account managers and bookkeepers to the financial department, everyone can access everything they need automatically.

Work online and paperless equals freedom
Image 2: Working online and paperless equals freedom for your customers and your rental business

Your customer will always feel in control

Being able to monitor rented equipment on their laptop, mobile, or tablet gives your customers a sense of control. They can always see where the equipment has gone, who within their company rented it, and when it needs to be renewed. It gives both you and the customer the freedom of an easier workflow between departments. And that is our goal: to make the customer’s journey as efficient as possible.

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