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Jul 6, 2016 11:56:47 AM

An 11% increase in the 2016 IC50 ranking of the world’s largest crane companies. This is an encouraging sign of a healthy industry overall worldwide. The positive trend in the 21st edition of this global ranking is positive news for the industry. It uses data collected by IC from the 100 largest crane-owning companies in the world. And produces a ranking by a fleet’s capability.

Calculated from the top 100 largest crane companies, the total number of depots is up, by 2.9 %, from 1,416 to 1,457. There are more employees too, up a significant 11.9 %, from 213,175 to 238,455. Staying with the top 100, the number of wheeled mobile cranes is up 2.2 % from 25,101 to 25,652. The number of lattice boom cranes is up 5.6 % from 6,401, in 2015 to 6,761.

All in all a positive report on the state and mood of the industry from and end-user, crane buyer, perspective around the world.

After the successful implementation DynaRent is now in use by companies from the IC50. DynaRent serves the mobile crane industry with a specific industry focus. It is a solution that can provide graphical overviews that offer interactive planning and quick intervention for transport, budget, and resource management. And DynaRent for Dynamics AX is built on innovative technologies that transform a jungle of entwined requirements into an intuitive, visual flow where drag-and-drop changes update your entire system.

Click here to read more about DynaRent and the mobile crane industry.

Largest Crane Companies
The full list of companies in the 2016 IC50 ranking of the world's largest crane-owning companies
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