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An implementation process is difficult. Challenges are inevitable. It does not matter whether you are implementing a whole new rental system or starting to use a different method. All change brings technical challenges and will resonate throughout your rental company. Employees might complain. Work might take longer to finish. But the better you prepare yourself, the smoother the process will go. So how do you prepare your employees for the coming implementation process?

Learn from the past

This is not the first big change in your rental company. There may have been complaints and challenges before. When you show your employees that you have learned from the past, you prove that you have taken them seriously. This gives them the confidence that they will be heard and creates an environment of trust. This will prevent many issues. If they are trusting, your employees will come to you with their complaints and trust you to solve them. And of course, it also helps you to avoid making the same mistakes as last time.

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Image 1: Having various perspectives can be very helpful

Embrace diverse thoughts within your rental company

Everyone is different and having various perspectives can be very helpful. Don’t dismiss critical employees immediately. Listen to them and give them a chance to clarify their arguments when needed. Your ideas may differ, but this does not mean they are wrong. If you keep an open mind, it will increase the creativity and trust among the employees. Don’t forget: this is the foundation for any change within a rental company.

Map out the implementation process of the rental system

Everything starts with a plan. It gives you structure and a goal to work towards, while also making sure that everyone is on the same page. Miscommunications only happen when there is too much room for interpretation. And if you map out the implementation process of the rental system beforehand, you can also prevent long, disruptive discussions or complaints along the way. You will have already talked everything through when you made your roadmap for change.

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Image 2: Engage the right people at the right time

Identify personality types

Everyone responds differently to change. So, take a long hard look at your employees and identify their personality types. This way, you can engage the right people at the right time. You will be aware of who needs extra support or training. Sometimes all that is needed is a listening ear or some advice to put employees’ insecurities to rest. You’ll know who you should give responsibility to and who can become an ambassador. This is how to create a positive atmosphere.

Define success

It is important to recognize success and celebrate it. You have asked a lot from your employees, and they will need to celebrate the success of the implementation process. This way, you can ensure their willingness for any upcoming projects or changes.

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