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Nov 22, 2016 7:53:33 AM

The scope that equipment-driven rental companies cover has grown more complex. Consequently, A-Z rental projects are the foundation for equipment rental. Examples include construction projects, advanced crane projects, scaffolding projects. Or combinations that might include elements from different industry sectors. The trend is right in line with a services-based Marketplace. It wants packaged offerings, either from a single provider or providers working in close partnership.

The demand for end-to-end coverage means that equipment-driven rental companies are taking on everything. From full-scale project design, budgeting to billing. A single project might involve bulk and serialized equipment, diverse resources, transport, consumables, and other elements.

Coordinating can get complicated, to say the least. The goal is to give the customer a unified quote through execution experience. In addition it is backed by efficient, high-quality equipment and service. Behind the scenes, you may be working with multiple internal depots for equipment and resources, sub-rentals from equipment partners in other industries, third-party transport, legal entities…in short, lots of stakeholders.

Robust ERP is essential to success for rental projects. So is rental management software that works as part of ERP and goes well beyond standard equipment rental scenarios. HiGH Software offers DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics as a solution that brings together proven integration with always fresh innovation. We’re robust yet flexible, with capabilities that include:

A firm base for creating and updating project equipment records

All bulk and serialized equipment that’s owned or sub-rental, spare parts, consumables, and other assets are registered as business objects. As soon they register, these business objects will automatically link to appropriate financial, operational, and service areas within DynaRent and Dynamics. When you’re creating projects, you’ll have full insight into availability, service requirements, pricing, and other angles for assets needed for a project. You can record new objects at any time, quickly incorporate everything into a project’s portfolio, and be confident that all stakeholders will get the right information at the right time, from initial quote through execution, maintenance and invoicing.

Third-party interfaces for effective collaboration

You can establish interfaces with partners, suppliers, insurers, government networks—you name it. Real-time, rich information transfer with third parties is essential for complex projects that involve external stakeholders. The customer receives seamlessly packaged quotes, communications, and invoices from your company. You can connect quickly with everyone involved and ensure internal and external departments get accurate information, while effortlessly tracking all streams.

Graphical planning boards that bring together logistics, resources, transport, and more

Back-office planners and project managers work with intuitive dashboards that let them align equipment, resources, and transport. Particularly, integration with your front office, warehouses, depots, and third-party interfaces ensures planners and project managers work with a complete version of the truth. In addition, they can monitor all angles of a project using dashboard indicators and re-allocate and reschedule any resource or task in a few clicks. In addition, instant updates and alerts keep internal and external parties informed.

Mobility for your front office, field resources, and equipment monitoring

Mobility is hugely important for onsite equipment-driven rental projects. With DynaRent Mobile, project managers can work onsite to record and assess project tasks and projects. Field resources can receive and send workflow-driven operations, service, and transport orders that include customer documents and invoices. Also resources can register hours and get approval onsite. TomTom and Webfleet integration enable 24/7 communication with drivers. Furthermore, you can monitor equipment utilization, service emergencies, and weather conditions with mobile IoT devices.

With customers that span 13+ industries and a track record that combines reliability and innovation, DynaRent can help you navigate complex equipment rental projects so that they land on time and within budget. There’s much to explore. We encourage you to download our fact sheet, or have a look at the capabilities we offer for complex project rental quotations.

And feel free to contact us to discuss your business challenges around equipment rental, leasing, and services. Our multi-industry reach dedicates to companies using Microsoft Dynamics AX/Microsoft Dynamics for Operations.

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