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Dec 29, 2017 6:23:59 AM

The tailored workspaces in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations are one of the most powerful additions in this version of Microsoft Dynamics. Often, they are compared to the role centers that were available in the previous version. However, these new workspaces offer much more flexibility and ease, as well as continuous updates on available functionality.

Workspaces have the following general goals:

  • Enabling the user to understand the current state of the activity to support informed decisions.
  • Allowing users to navigate to deeper pages by selecting data, which avoids round-trips to pages with no information.
  • Letting users perform light tasks in the workspaces to avoid round-trips to deeper pages.
  • Complete an activity without leaving the workspace.
  • Reduce the need for navigation.
  • Provide visual impact.
  • Use prescriptive patterns and best practices that lead to minimal COGS and fast response times.
Image 2: Another example of DynaRent Dynamics 365 analytical workspaces for rental

Furthermore, these workspaces could even support your rental business process communication between departments, as well as workload management. For example, when rental equipment is returned, this increases the tile counter for the “Returns to be checked.” This tile counter can be displayed on the return equipment manager’s workspace and prompt him/her to take action, such as planning the activity for the return inspection.

Next, the person responsible for the inspection can locate the damaged equipment, which he/she registers in the work order journal. This leads to the creation of a new work order for equipment damage repair, which increases the “Outstanding damage repairs” tile counter for the service manager in the applicable workspace. This in turn will prompts him/her to take the next action.

The registration of damaged equipment will also create a sales order to charge the damage to the customer. This process usually requires a commercial decision and will increase the “Charge decision needed” tile counter on the account manager’s workspace, prompting him/her to take action.

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