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May 4, 2018 6:00:08 AM

Equip your planning department with a complete overview of resources in DynaRent's Service Planboard

Planning is a precise task that is a crucial cog in a well-oiled rental process. A planning department requires the latest work order information continuously, allowing them to make changes “on the fly” and avoid any unnecessary mistakes. Proper planning is important to ensure efficiency and quality when carrying out tasks for your customers.

“DynaRent’s seamlessly integrated planning tool equips your planners with an up-to-date graphical overview on all equipment and resources. 

Throughout DynaRent’s history, we’ve learned a lot from our customers. Possibly one of our best additions over the years is our seamlessly integrated Service Planboard that comes “out-of-the-box” with our DynaRent Solution. This provides a graphical overview for your planning department to assign your organization’s resources to any task. However, it doesn’t end there—many more functionalities allow for full flexibility for your planners, something that we’ve recognized as an imperative when allocating resources to specific tasks.

Image 1: Layout manager in our DynaRent Solution

Rental, equipment management, and service & maintenance – our Planboard does it all!

Aside from simply planning the necessary resources for your rental management, equipment management, and service & maintenance tasks, our Planboard offers the following benefits:

  • We understand that changes can occur at any moment, so the Planboard supports adding, exchanging, or removing rental equipment or human resources from any task.
  • As stated, the Planboard includes an overview of all tasks and resources. However, it also allows extensive filtering to view your plans on a more detailed level. Our layout manager supports clear distinctions between different tasks (e.g. maintenance vs. rental management) and statuses. Use icons to quickly indicate whether a condition is applicable to a specific task.
  • Ease of use is a major determinant of usability, so tasks can be planned by drag-and-dropping the unplanned portion to the planned area. Also, any changes, such as assigning different equipment, can be done easily by dragging your planned task to another resource.
  • Last but not least, if you have a single task for a long period of time, the Planboard offers the option to maintain control on a daily level and change or add planning requirements for the task.

Altogether, this gives the planning department the ability to accurately plan work at any given moment.

Image 2: DynaRent's resource groups: This group contains equipment and an operator

When we discuss resources, we’re referring to equipment resources as well as human resources. DynaRent supports assigning tasks to these resources separately. However, since human resources manages many forms of equipment, we have added the option to maintain resource groups. Within such a resource group, users can allocate multiple equipment and human resources. Then, in our Planboard, the planning team can assign tasks on a group level, speeding up the planning process while maintaining the full functionality of all the options described above.

Ready to see how DynaRen fits your business processes? Download the factsheet below to learn more or book a free demonstration.

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