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Feb 7, 2017 11:07:49 AM

The market landscape and global supply chain are matrixes, and the same goes for equipment driven companies. Regardless your models for rental, leasing, or services, you always need to manage certain thing. Things like maintenance, transport, purchase-to-scrap equipment lifecycles, resources, and asset management do not handle themselves. You’ll need to interface with diverse internal and third-party stakeholders, across remote locations. You will want to be ready to move with for example customer trends. But also IT innovations, and opportunities to add new areas to your niche.

All these challenges call for ISV software that works like today’s matrix for equipment-driven companies—interconnected, flexible, expansive. HiGH Software designed DynaRent for Microsoft Dynamics 365 after working closely with customers across multiple industries. Furthermore, we found a common thread across diverse types of businesses. This is the need for a modular solutions suite that fit smoothly with Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

"What we are continuing to discover is that the DynaRent approach gives companies end-to-end coverage. This covers operations and insight. It also gives the ability to unleash new revenue streams in a changing market"

  • The foundational strength of DynaRent is that it gives companies an all-in-one suite of modules that lets them tailor and add functionality to cover diverse business areas. You implement once, with assurance of full integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • DynaRent modules cover virtually every nook and cranny for equipment-driven industries—there’s no need to purchase separate transport or services software, for example. Comprehensive modules that work seamlessly with each other and with Microsoft Dynamics include:
    • Equipment Management
    • Rental Management
    • Lease Management
    • Service Management
    • Transport Management
    • DynaRent Mobile
    • TomTom and Webfleet Integration
    • DynaRent BI

Of course, having comprehensive functionality for all your industry-specific touch points within one solution makes work easier—everyone works with the same graphically rich tools, your front-office, back-office, and field are connected, and all information lives in the Dynamics 365 or Dynamics AX database. Whether your focus is on construction projects or car rental, you can choose and configure modules so that you have the breadth and depth you need.

Equally important, DynaRent’s modular approach can let you open up new areas for profit within your business:

  • A prime example that we’re seeing is companies taking on direct dealership along with equipment rental and services. Their Microsoft Dynamics system is in place, and they can hone in on purchase-to-sell practices by taking full advantage of DynaRent.
  • Other companies are targeting lucrative collaborations, with shared information access, real-time communications, and workflow-driven processes. Whatever DynaRent modules you focus on, you can count on the ability to configure third-party interfaces that knit seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Businesses across all industries are also tapping into DynaRent mobility solutions to increase service efficiency (think TomTom, mobile field service, and the Internet of Things).

There’s a lot packed into the DynaRent solutions suite. It’s packed for opportunities that are unfolding across equipment-driven industries. In addition it lets you improve your current business and tackle growth without need to rebuild your system.

Michiel Toppers Michiel Toppers
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