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Looking for an equipment rental software solution that can help you manage and streamline your rental business? As an equipment rental company, you are mainly challenged by the increasingly fluctuating market and customer demands and regulatory requirements. Therefore, you need a complete equipment rental solution at a competitive price.

Your search for the right equipment rental solution can be a long and complicated process. At STAEDEAN, one of the most frequently asked customer questions is how to calculate the ROI of your equipment rental software. As you dive deep into understanding the ROI of an equipment rental software, having the pricing details of a solution can enable you to take your next steps.

In this blog, I will explain the pricing structure of DynaRent for you to get a fair understanding of the pricing of a rental solution and how to proceed with your purchase.

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How is DynaRent’s pricing connected with MS Dynamics F&O?

DynaRent is an equipment rental and service/maintenance solution that leverages the standard functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations (F&O). It is tightly integrated with Dynamics 365 F&O and has the same look and feel.

DynaRent’s pricing structure depends heavily on MS Dynamics F&O. It has the standard sales processes from within Dynamics 365 in place, and you can use standard items (sometimes called “consumables”) together with rental-related items (called business objects in DynaRent). Certified by Microsoft for Dynamics, it gives you the guarantee that it is built with the same strict quality guidelines that Microsoft uses internally.

DynaRent pricing based on user type

Microsoft Dynamics 365 consists of several user types. In general, DynaRent follows the Client Access License (CAL) user types of Dynamics 365. The total number of DynaRent users must be in sync with that of standard Dynamics 365 users.
Example: If you have 10 Dynamics 365 Finance users, then it must be equal to 10 DynaRent Enterprise users.

The primary licensing is based on the individual user type, which is assigned on a “named user” basis. It means each user requires a separate user type (named user) subscription. 

User types cannot be shared, but an individual with a user type may access the service through multiple devices. The Dynamics 365 user subscriptions classify users into the following types:

Full users

Full users are the users whose work requires the use of feature-rich business applications functionality. Examples of full users are:

  • Salespeople
  • Rental clerk
  • Rental planners
  • Customer service representatives
  • Finance employees
  • Controllers
  • Human resources
  • Supply chain managers

These users have also been referred to, in the past, as Professional users or Power Users. 

They are licensed with a Dynamics 365 application subscription. There are various full user types in Dynamics 365, but DynaRent makes use only of the Finance and Supply Chain Management full users.

If you have users that play combined roles, say in Finance and Supply Chain Management, you can use the Finance Attach user or Supply Chain Attach user in Dynamics 365. However, the Attach users are not applicable in DynaRent, and you don’t have to license this related to DynaRent.

Example: If you are a planner and make use of the graphical planboard in DynaRent, then you need a full user. Why? A planner makes use of several enterprise user roles (finance, projects, supply chain management), and the DynaRent graphical planboard combines the functionalities of these different roles in one graphical view.

Additional users

Additional users often represent a large percentage of users in an organization. They may consume data or reports from multiple business systems. These users either complete lighter tasks like time or expense entry and HR record updates or are heavier users of the system, but do not require full user capabilities. 

These additional users are licensed with Dynamics 365 Team Members or Dynamics 365 Operations Activity users. DynaRent has the same user types (DynaRent Activity and DynaRent Team Members).

Device users

If multiple individuals access Dynamics 365 using the same device (tablet, scanner, etc.), you should license the device with a Device user. With the Device user type, any number of individuals can use a given device without the need for user types.

In combination with DynaRent, these devices are mostly used in the warehouse to perform Warehouse Management processes like receiving, carrying out internal stock transfers, returns, and picking/packing. The equivalent DynaRent user is called DynaRent device.

An integration point in DynaRent activates a functionality in Dynamics 365 to determine the required user type.

DynaRent pricing based on volume licensing

DynaRent pricing is based on the pricing of volume licensing per month. Volume licensing format is a scheme under which you get higher discounts on larger purchases, per deal.

For instance, if you need 150 enterprise named users, the pricing for the first 50 named users will be €90 and for the second 50 named users €76.50. Therefore, it would be €8.325 per month (€ 99.900 annually), in total.

Optional components

DynaRent 365 optional components are based on the pricing of license and can be purchased at the following price per month:

DynaRent TomTom - €450

For user count above 500 or situations where the rental users extremely differ from the overall user count, please talk to our domain specialist.With the basic structure of DynaRent pricing, you now have a general idea of the criteria based on which an equipment rental solution is priced.

Need to discuss DynaRent pricing?

With the basic structure of DynaRent pricing, you now have a general idea of the criteria based on which an equipment rental solution is priced.

Our DynaRent Solution Suite can help you with all your equipment rental needs, including transport, services, logistics, and mobile field connectivity, among others. It fits seamlessly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management.

Interested to know more about the cost of DynaRent? Talk to our experts today to know how we can help you understand better.

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