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Aug 11, 2017 11:27:28 AM

A equipment, rental and service system implementation can be difficult enough. Besides the technical challenges, everyone has to adjust to the changes. It’s vital to the process that all your employees are positive and supportive. But how do you create an environment where positive attitudes can flourish?

Of course, it’s naïve to think that it is possible to have a completely positive atmosphere. But there is something you can do to encourage positivity. By identifying employees with positive attitudes and stimulating them, you can motivate employees who find it difficult to adapt.

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Image 1: Know which employee will help the process

The glass half-full types who make everything positive

The rental system implementation may cause technical challenges, but this type of employee is always looking at the bright side. This ability to turn everything into something positive is a rare quality. When you have a few employees with this attitude in your rental company, the atmosphere will be greatly affected. This kind of positivity is contagious and will smooth out the negative attitudes of others. Encourage these positive employees to speak up, but don’t make them responsible for any part of the project; they may be so positive that they don’t see the downsides. You can also stimulate this atmosphere by adopting this attitude yourself. Simply by providing a great example, you can become the glass half-full type in your own company. Just one note: Keep some space for the realists in your company; you need them as well. Balance is key.

Early adopters make great ambassadors

You had barely announced the new rental system and the upcoming implementation, and this employee was already behind it. Change is not a problem for this type of employee; they thrive on it. Meet the perfect ambassador for your new rental system. Make sure that this employee knows all the ins and outs, all the positive and negatives. But don’t make him or her responsible for any part of the system implementation. This way, skeptical employees won’t see the early adopter as just a part of the system. And will consider his or her opinion. Just give the early adopter the ammunition for lively discussions within your rental company. The rest is plain sailing.

Image 2: Everyone has to adjust to the changes.

Make out-of-the-box thinkers responsible for the system implementation process

You were still searching for the ideal solution when this employee discovered the perfect rental system. You need a creative idea? This employee gives you plenty. He or she comes up with pros and cons that you had never thought of. This person is the one you want to make part of the system implementation process. His/her creative solutions will smooth out any problems. He or she is not prone to panic, but loves change and new challenges.

Risk-takers are highly adaptable to change

Every time you talk about the new rental system, this employee goes head over heels. Some people call him or her reckless, but you know better. This employee is not afraid to try and fail. This is why he/she is so adaptable to change. If you let this person work with the out-of-the-box thinker, you’ve got a solid team. Don’t make the risk-taker responsible for the system implementation, but let him/her be part of the team. He/she will speed the process along whenever the rest of the team is afraid to make important decisions.

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