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Mar 4, 2024 4:26:06 PM

Analytics for Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM equips businesses to make smart, cost-effective decisions using the power of business intelligence

SaaS provider for Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications STAEDEAN has launched a new Business Intelligence solution, Analytics for Manufacturing, tailored for manufacturing companies.

In a highly competitive manufacturing landscape with shorter product lifecycles and a stronger emphasis on customer centricity, staying ahead demands an understanding of complex data patterns.

Analytics for Manufacturing has been developed to help organizations elevate data-driven decision-making by delving deep into data models.

“We understand end-users often specialize in their roles but may lack reporting or business intelligence expertise. Our aim is to give manufacturing businesses easy-to-use KPI data models that lay the groundwork for data analytics and can be gradually expanded to add more value over time,” said Sumana Samuk, Team Lead, Product Management, STAEDEAN.

Analytics for Manufacturing ― Empowering Dynamics 365 F&SCM Users with Deep Data Insights

Analytics for Manufacturing is part of STAEDEAN’s Business Analytics Suite (BAS) and can be used on its own or combined with other offerings. BAS is built on Microsoft Platforms and is designed to work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM.

The solution addresses the reporting challenges that manufacturing businesses commonly encounter. It helps simplify the complexity of data analytics for project managers, production managers, and users with cross-functional roles.

Standout Features

1. Base Pack for Quick Start: The solution provides a foundational set of KPIs, allowing users to create reports effortlessly and build upon them as business requirements evolve.

2. Data Lake Compatibility: The dashboards and KPIs seamlessly integrate with Data Lake, providing flexibility to access, use, and analyze data.

3. Constantly Expanding KPI Set: The KPI data models will be regularly enhanced by the STAEDEAN team, ensuring that your analytics capabilities grow with your business.

4. Configurable Data Refresh Intervals: Customizable data refresh intervals enable users to adapt the frequency of data updates, allowing them to stay current and responsive.

5. Deep Analytics Foundation: Beyond dashboards and visuals, Analytics for Manufacturing provides a platform for deeper analytics through data models, empowering manufacturing businesses to make informed decisions.

6. Quick to Set up: It’s a simple plug-and-play solution that is easy to implement.

“Unlike other solutions that offer only pre-packaged visuals, Analytics for Manufacturing provides visuals, along with a robust set of manufacturing-specific KPI data models that form the backbone of analytics. The focus was not just to provide numbers but empower businesses with deep insights to make informed decisions,” said Sumana.

Introducing the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The first phase of the release includes 8 KPIs with a focus on Revenue, Manufacturing Cost, and Orders.

  • Revenue: From customer churn rate and revenue by new customers to lost customers by company, this KPI offers a comprehensive view of your manufacturing company’s revenue landscape, guiding strategic decision-making.

  • Manufacturing Cost: This KPI enables users to delve into the intricacies of manufacturing costs, including the breakdown of BOM items, processing costs, cost of goods sold, and more.

  • Order Dashboard: Users can track customer order cycle time, order completion, on-schedule deliveries, and returned order percentage value, providing a holistic view of orders for efficient management.

Future Releases

STAEDEAN plans to update Analytics for Manufacturing quarterly for 2024 and will introduce new KPIs covering new focus areas, such as Logistics.

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