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Legal Documents

Legal Documents

Learn more about the commonly used agreements within To-Increase

To-Increase Legal Documents

Contracts establish the legal relationship between parties. They are often seen as a necessary evil or a burden that gets in the way of doing business. Actually, the opposite is true. Contracts set out the ‘rules of the game’ and help ensure that disputes do not occur. To-Increase prides itself on having contracts that use straightforward and uncomplicated language, setting out clear terms for both parties.

To-Increase’s most commonly used agreements:

  1. Master Agreement: The standard agreement used for direct deals with clients, which includes all terms applicable to our software, services, and support.
  2. Partner Agreement: This agreement is used for contracting with partners who resell our software, services, and support to end users. 
  3. End User License Agreement: The EULA is entered into by end users who purchase our software via a partner. Click here to learn more about our End User License Terms.

Third-Party Terms

The following terms are applicable to third-party software used in some To-Increase solutions: