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Jan 22, 2014 12:00:00 AM

A change in the business model can be a risky transition for any company. When Tramedico eliminated manufacturing and became a marketing, sales, and logistics services organization, it re-designed its business processes and organizational structure. The new Tramedico also needed to update its business management technology. By deploying an integrated ERP system that comprises STAEDEAN Connectivity Studio and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the company gained a robust, versatile solution that fits its processes and easily accommodates changing requirements. The integrated ERP system helps Tramedico bring transparency to its operations, an excellent experience to its customers, and effective support to its trading partners.

Tramedico researched the software market and decided to replace its SAP system with Microsoft Dynamics NAV in integration with STAEDEAN Connectivity Studio, which is part of the STAEDEAN Business Integration Solutions suite. “Connectivity Studio and Microsoft Dynamics NAV show remarkable flexibility and resilience in supporting our business processes as we want to run them,” says Kees van Rijn, EDP Controller at Tramedico. “Other companies sometimes have to switch ERP software platforms when they determine that what they selected does not serve them as well as they hoped. At Tramedico, we are happy to continue evolving our business with our integrated STAEDEAN and Microsoft Dynamics solution.”

The main advantages STAEDEAN and integrated ERP bring to Tramedico include:

  • Efficient, dependable business reporting
  • Flexible solution that supports company’s changing requirements
  • Consistently excellent customer experience
  • Simplified regulatory compliance
  • Reliable, low-maintenance business management infrastructure
  • Ability to sync master data easily across multiple business entities


    You can download the full case study here.

James Smith James Smith
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