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Oct 5, 2023 10:29:33 AM

Customers can now experience the benefits of Data Quality Studio (AI Powered) solution for free prior to purchasing the Premium version.

Veenendaal, Netherlands, October 2023 — STAEDEAN is excited to launch a free version of Data Quality Studio on Dataverse that leverages the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This launch will strengthen our data quality offering for Microsoft Dataverse which helps store, manage, and share data securely across various Microsoft cloud services and applications, such as Power Apps, Power BI, and Dynamics 365.   

The Annual State of Data Quality Survey for 2023 reported that data downtime nearly doubled year over year, driven by a 166% increase in time to resolution for data quality issues. The organizations interviewed also said that data downtime and the increased time in finding a resolution impacted revenue negatively. Therefore, most organizations are moving toward configuration-based, no-code, Independent Software Vendor (ISV) solutions. 

Why launch a free version of Data Quality Studio (AI Powered) on Dataverse?  

After speaking to customers using Dataverse, STAEDEAN identified a demand for a solution that could help in validating, de-duplicating, and correcting data errors. This configuration-based easy-to-use solution will help customers improve data quality across numerous applications on the Dataverse. There was also a need to manage and automate repetitive tasks, and thus the STAEDEAN team utilized AI capabilities to resolve that challenge.  

A free version of Data Quality Studio (AI Powered) for Dataverse will help interested prospects try the solution and understand some of the functionality prior to investing in the Premium version. The solution has been designed to help prospects improve data quality across applications on the Dataverse such as Marketing, Sales, custom-built Model-driven apps, and Canvas apps. Using STAEDEAN’s new AI-powered data quality solution users can run data quality assessments and add corrections for existing as well as new data. Additionally, our solution will be further strengthened once integrated with Microsoft’s Copilot for Dataverse once globally available.

What are the key features of Data Quality Studio (AI Powered) for Dataverse?  

The solution gives users the ability to monitor the health of their data in the Dataverse using an interactive dashboard. This way users can narrow down areas that require their attention.  

Below are key features of the solution: 

  • Easily configurable combinations of duplicate triggers that can be activated 
  • Automated AI algorithm recommendation based on the chosen column 
  • A dashboard sharing an overview of detected duplicates 
  • Weight-based deduplication to easily identify duplicates 
  • The option to single-merge new duplicate records 
  • A solid basis for numerous different integration scenarios 
  • Seamless integration with Data Quality Studio on D365 F&SCM 

What are the benefits of Data Quality Studio (AI Powered) on Dataverse? 

Data Quality Studio (AI Powered) is a no-code solution and can be used for all tables across applications built on the Dataverse. There is a free version for Dataverse that one can download from AppSource. Some of the benefits of the solution are: 

Reduced errors 

Data errors can take time to fix and can cause issues and also impact revenue. With data quality rules activated, which means time spent on manual error correction and validation is saved. The team can spend time on other important tasks instead. 

Data standardization 

When data is standardized and consistent, it becomes easier to integrate with other systems and applications, facilitating seamless data flow and interoperability. 

Reliable and consistent data 

Data quality rules ensure reliable data for improved decision-making. This also results in streamlined processes and improved productivity. 

Trust and credibility 

Organizations are able to deliver high-quality data consistently that automatically helps them gain customer and partner trust and improve credibility. 

How can you get started with Data Quality Studio (AI Powered) for Dataverse? 

The solution is available on AppSource and can be downloaded from the AppSource listing directly. Users can open it and click on the ‘Get it now’ button, which will install the solution in their environment.  

The solution has been supported with comprehensive documentation to help customers quickly deploy and get started. However, the STAEDEAN team always welcomes and encourages any feedback from prospects and customers. 

If users want to upgrade to the premium version, it can be done from within the app by clicking on the in-app-marketing button which will direct them to Microsoft’s AppSource listing to acquire the licenses required. 

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