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BMS, a leading company in the European rental sector of cranes and man lifts, implemented DynaRent solution to establish growth synergy, improve mobility, reduce payment cycles, and manage business processes efficiently.

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BMS leverages DynaRent to streamline their operations and accounts receivable cycle

The BMS group is a leader in the European market with an international presence, specializing in renting cranes and man-lifts of varied sizes. Their focus sectors include wind turbine installations, oil and gas industry, telecom, infrastructure, construction, power plants, and other industries.

With more than 400 assets being rented out daily, they were seeking a solution that would allow them to allocate, manage, and monitor renting equipment on a real-time basis. BMS chose To-Increase’s DynaRent solution to address their business requirements, which resulted in automated processes and shorter payment cycles.

Software and Service

DynaRent Solution Suite
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Country or Region

Headquartered in Denmark


Equipment Rental

Company size

900+ employees

Business Situation

Why BMS needed a rental solution

The team at BMS was looking at ways to ensure that they were at the top of their game and equipped to tailor rental products according to the changing customer demands. They were seeking a solution that would automatically update every stage in the rental process and the status of each task in real-time. They also needed a new mobility solution that would seamlessly sync and integrate with their ERP, as their existing mobility solution could not do so earlier.

The key pain areas that BMS was trying to address:

  • Mobility: BMS had their mobility solution in place, which did not sync with their ERP, and resulted in confusion of work allocation, general task management, and calculation of work hours.
  • Real-time updates: They needed a solution that would update in real-time automatically without requiring manual intervention to show the status of every task.
  • Monitoring daily operations: Monitoring tasks based on their status in the rental stage was complicated, as over 400 assets were being rented out daily.
  • Process automation: The communication breakdowns and paperwork involved at every stage resulted in various challenges, including delayed billing and payments.
  • Equipment performance overview: With various assets being rented out across diverse markets, overseeing operations and offering flexible rental packages posed significant challenges.

Why BMS chose To-Increase’s DynaRent Solution Suite

The team at BMS realized that their business demands and challenges were quite specific in nature and required a product that would address them effectively. To-Increase's DynaRent solution offered them the means to manage various rental scenarios and processes while enjoying maximum fleet utilization. They could remove unnecessary steps, educate their users, and coordinate with them across the globe. Also, with their deep knowledge of the business, the rental specialists at To-Increase could extend support to BMS in their future growth.

“The biggest change in the ten years that we have been working with DynaRent is, introducing a mobility solution to send out information directly to our crane drivers and get it back into our ERP system. … The consultants really know the rental business and therefore can support us in our future growth.”

– Søren Pedersen, CFO, BMS

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How DynaRent is an effective solution for BMS

  • Mobility integrated with ERP for seamless coordination: The mobility aspect of the solution is integrated with ERP, offering quick and real-time updates. The lines of communications with field staff, such as crane operators and drivers, are also fortified and made direct with instant updates.
  • Increasing revenue with automated invoicing: With DynaRent, invoicing is faster, resulting in shorter collection periods, thereby reducing the payment cycle. This improves the cash flow and helps to ensure better revenue flow and financial planning.
  • Enhanced control on rental processes: With the ERP and mobility aspects in sync, control on rental processes is even better, and the company could focus more on equipment maintenance.
  • Unified platform to efficiently manage end-to-end operations: The allocation, management, and monitoring of tasks become simpler through a dashboard with a graphical representation that shows the status of each task.
  • Dynamic solution offering optimal flexibility: DynaRent supports future needs with better integration, offers more features, and enhances control of equipment utilization.

Prime benefits that BMS reaps from DynaRent

  • Effortless and rapid calculation of rental rates
  • Unified platform with a dashboard to oversee all tasks
  • Easy monitoring of tasks with color-coded status updates
  • Precise salary calculation of the field staff with the help of ERP updates
  • Stronger customer relationships due to timely invoicing and improved support
  • Valuable insights on equipment utilization patterns to guide effective investments
  • Optimal utilization of the fleet with readily accessible information about equipment availability in each rental stage
  • Future growth of the company and ERP scale-up supported by the rental consultants at To-Increase
DynaRent’s a proven solution for us, and more important, it’s extremely flexible. We can count on both the software and the implementation team for a fit that’s right for our company."
Søren Pedersen

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Explore how our DynaRent solution helps BMS streamline their rental operations, resolve key issues, and achieve their goals.

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