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A leading garment branding solutions provider leverages the Data Modeling Studio by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O data to their BI solution in order to increase overall efficiency.

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Increased flexibility and speed with Data Modeling Studio for Thermopatch

Thermopatch International, established in 1934, is a global leader in the development, innovation, and manufacturing of garment branding solutions. They specialize in labeling, transfers and emblems on textile across industries, such as laundry, dry cleaning, sports, apparel, healthcare, and manufacturing. With such a vast portfolio under their belt, data extraction and management during the migration process was turning into a concern. Hence, they were in search for a solution that could help them extract data right from the Dynamics platform to their existing BI data warehouse.

Software and Service

Data Modeling Studio
Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&SCM

Country or Region

The Netherlands



Company size

250+ employees

The Business Challenge

Thermopatch was looking at ways to make their data extraction easier along with retaining their existing software solutions as much as possible. Two of the main challenges that surfaced during this were, migrating to the cloud platform and ensuring integration with their current BI solution. This increased the potential for errors, besides numerous data entities, which needed to be rewritten due to years of customization within the business intelligence solution for various clients. Due to which, Thermopatch faced huge costs and loss of precious time in the process.

“We wanted to independently manage the table and field selections and the frequency at which the data would be refreshed. For instance, we wanted to work on any problem, new feature, or change in an application without third-party involvement. And Data Modeling Studio has done a great job providing that solution with the tool and post-live support,” – Jochem Mos, Application Manager

Why Data Modeling Studio is the right solution

Thermopatch required a simple and effective solution to aid their data extraction from Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O to their existing BI data warehouse, while migrating to the cloud. Data Modeling Studio offered them independent management of the table and field selections, while fulfilling the need to integrate seamlessly with their previous table structure. It further makes data from all applications easily accessible by exporting them to a single data warehouse in the Azure cloud, without the hassle of working with data entities.

Achieving efficient data extraction and integration

With Data Modeling Studio, Thermopatch can use their current BI application, Targit, together with other legacy applications for better interoperability and connectivity. This enables them to achieve efficient data extraction and integration in Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations. Apart from that, any quick changes that need to be taken care of can be made almost instantly without the need for a programmer, which reduces external dependency largely. Data Modeling Studio, therefore, allows faster Go-Live possible for Thermopatch, along with being extremely time and cost efficient.

“With Data Modeling Studio, we are able to get data for all applications. So, instead of having to work with data entities, it allows us to choose the tables, fields, set time on how often it should be refreshed, and export them all to a data warehouse in Azure cloud, which is easily accessible.”
Jochem Mos,
Application Manager, Thermopatch International

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Learn how our Data Modeling Studio can help save time, effort, and cost with your data extraction and integration processes when migrating to the cloud.

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