19 December 2022

How Does To-Increase Offer Value to Its Customers?

ERP software

The current ERP software market stands at $161.73 billionand is only growing higher with an increased need to deliver efficiency and transparency in business processes.  

But is it that easy? Dealing with high volumes of data, disorganized information flows, and miscommunication makes driving the desired outcomes challenging, especially in the ERP ecosystem. In addition, being reluctant to change or not having adequate knowledge of customer needs and the market, adds to the mix. 

However, this does not need to be the case if you have the right partner who caters to your requirements with standardized embedded solutions and ensures smooth execution, implementation, and maintenance. 

As a Microsoft ISV with 17+ years of experience in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP space, our strength lies in the in-depth industry and domain expertise that we bring to the table.  

This article will help you understand how To-Increase can support your business growth with solutions that leverage the Microsoft technology stack and how you can enhance your business efficiency on the whole. 

5 Ways that To-Increase offers value 

Our goal is to empower businesses to drive better performance and revenue with software that helps reduce complexity, simplify day-to-day processes, and optimize operations. 

Here are five ways we add value to your business, which puts you on the path toward achieving success.

1. Offering modern standardized and embedded solutions in Dynamics 365 

Our software solutions embedded in Microsoft Dynamics ERP are pre-built, low/no-code, and out-of-the-box, making them easy to use and quick to get started on. This means fewer customizations are needed, saving you a lot of time and cost. When building our products, we intend to not only focus on market and industry requirements but also closely work with you to meet your needs. 

2. Futureproofing your investment 

We ensure our products are of high quality with industry-standard business processes, enabling us to support you to succeed. Not just with your current business objectives but also futureproof and improve your operations and services.  

How do we do that? With quicker time-to-value, predictable maintenance, and Dynamics 365 technology stack on our side, you can gain an essential edge in this highly competitive world.  

Offering software that is upgraded in line with the Microsoft update policy, we guarantee an evergreen solution for your business. 

3. Reducing complexity and simplifying processes 

Placing higher emphasis on best practices when building products aligned with the framework provided by Microsoft, we deliver quality and performance. This assures faster implementation and processing time, besides other crucial elements such as data quality, security, and user satisfaction. Our software solutions are enabled to maximize performance by taking care of all your complexities, creating a smooth path that requires minimal engineering effort or dependency on external resources. 

4. Enabling cloud-based technology 

Adopting cloud technology is a no-brainer in today’s times, which has been cemented over the last few years and even more so during the pandemic. It is an excellent platform for organizations to leverage in order to keep up with the latest trends and improve the overall customer experience. Furthermore, moving to the cloud allows your company to scale up anywhere, any time. Addressing this need, our solutions are built on the Dynamics 365 cloud, and not just that, we also offer seamless and smooth migration to the cloud

5. Leveraging industry and process experts  

With a team of in-house developers and product experts, our solutions are developed, tested, and released immaculately by understanding the market and its evolution over time. Additionally, our solid support structure includes a team of domain and industry consultants that ensure end-to-end delivery and management of your requirements, maintenance, and upgrades - making it a smooth, all-in-one affair. 

What’s next?  

At To-Increase, we are always excited to work toward expanding our product portfolio for our clients to support their digital transformation journey. By incorporating and integrating cloud services with real-time data-driven insights, our goal is to achieve better build and deployment cycles to facilitate change and growth in a seamless manner. 

As a three-time winner of the outstanding global Dynamics ISV of the Year, we offer a wide range of cross-industry and industry-specific solutions built within Microsoft Dynamics 365 to ensure your business unlocks its full potential by catering to specific needs. 

We are here to build solutions that optimize your operations, streamline processes, and enable access to smart business insights. Besides working with multiple allies/partners globally, we are backed by nearly two decades of experience to understand what works for you and how you can leverage it to fast-track your organization’s success. 

Whether you have a specific requirement, need multiple solutions, or are looking to upgrade your current technology architecture, our experts can help identify the best course of action suitable for your organization. 


Have specific requirements you want to discuss? We would love to talk to you.  

Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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